Wednesday, April 05, 2017

South Boys and Girls Track sweep the Blazer Relays Arcanum and Franklin Monroe finish 2nd.

South Boys and Girls Track sweep the Blazer Relays.  Arcanum and Franklin Monroe finish 2nd.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Covington Ends Souths Season

Covington   14  13  23  9   59
TVS           10   9    9  7   35

Scoring for Covington: Samantha Whiteman 16, Addison Metz 9, Lexie
Long 8, Lillian Hamilton 7, Victoria Lyle 6, Justice Warner 5,
Mackenzie Long 4, Allison Angle 2, Morgan Lowe 2

Scoring for TVS: Mylan Crews 10, Kelsie Shafer 6, Taylor Bowers 6,
Emily Hutchings 6, Abby Bingham 5, Abby Robertson 2

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Strong Second Half puts Trojans Over North

The Arcanum Trojans showed no mercy to host Tri-County North on their senior night. The two teams played fairly evenly in the first half. But in the second half, a decent lead turned into a rout as the Arcanum defense grew stronger, keeping North from scoring and on offense the shooters found their range and the shots kept dropping for the visitors. North changed up defenses and made line up changes, but it was to no avail as Arcanum grew their lead to double digits and had a happy drive home with a 68-52 win.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

South Falls to Black Hawks

Miss Val     13   26   14   21   74
TVS            9     8    20  12    49

Olivia Murphy led the Blackhawks to victory with 18 points, Kelsie Shafer had 16 points and 16 rebounds for the Panthers. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Roaders Rumble With Panthers

Both Bradford and North have struggled this season, but both teams laid it on the line on Friday night. They still have a chance to move up in the league standings – and both teams are playing for pride. Fans were treated to a game with several lead changes and ties as the two teams battled on the hardwood. The teams had contrasting offensive styles where North seemed determined to drive the ball into the teeth of Bradford defense, while Bradford got the most traction with the 3 point shot – nailing an impressive 10 treys on the night.

It was a tight game with several lead changes and several ties.  North hit a trey late that gave them a little distance.  And when Bradford tried to foul, North did well from the line.  It was a 59-49 North victory. 

Scoring for Bradford: Smith 21, Millhouse 7, Swagg 14, Branson 5, Phillips 2. Branson was the glass cleaner for the night with 7 rebounds. Swabb lead the team with 5 assists, Smith lead the team with 4 steals.
Scoring for TCN: Edgin 15, Stinson 15, Lairson 4, Lewis 3, Fry 3, Brinson 14, Parsons 3, Heindl 2.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Railroaders Slow Start Dooms Them Against South

Bradford got off to a sluggish start against the Twin Valley South Panthers. But the other 3 quarters they played even with the Panthers. But that cold start gave the Panthers an early lead and the RailRoaders had to play catchup the rest of the night. Still they got a hot hand later in the game and made a good run at the Panthers. But out of the gate, they missed 4 free throws and until late in the quarter they could not hit a shot from outside. The Panthers capitalized with a 17-9 lead at the end of one.  Bradford made a solid run at the end of the 3rd quarter and had the deficit down to 2 points late in the quarter.  But South fended off the Railroader charge for 62-54 win.

Scoring for Bradford: Smith 12, Millhouse 14, Swabb 8, Branson 8, Phillips 12.
Scoring for TVS: Marker 1, Bassler 5, Wells 8, Bowman 20, Meyers 5, Cottingim 8, Lovely 15.

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North Defeats South

TCN   10  14  15  10   48
TVS   11    2  14  12   39

Scoring for TCN: Aubrey Stupp 24, Shayanna Baker 10, Cassi Stinson 6, Sara Harris 3, Megan Poling 4

Scoring for TVS: Abby Bingham 15, Madison Johnson 10, Kelsie Shafer 6, Mylan Crews 5, Abby Robertson 2, Emily Hutchings 1

TCN was led by Aubrey Stupp with 24 points, TVS was led by Abby Bingham with 15 points - 12 from behind the three point line. 

Friday, February 03, 2017

Tigers Even Record Against Panthers

The Tigers came into Thursday's game riding a 2 game winning streak, including a solid 87-41 win over nearby rival Mississinawa Valley. That win put the team at 9-10, just 1 win away from a .500 overall record and making them 5-5 in the CCC conference standings. So that gave the team plenty of incentive coming into the game. Finally it was senior night at Twin Valley South, so that gave them a chance to play the role of spoilers for the night. Ansonia Seniors Stefani Garret, Jailyn Thwaits, and Ashton Bradham also received a rose courtesy of host TVS before the game.

Scoring for Ansonia: Garret 6, Werts 12, Thwaits 7, Henderson 20, Stammen 12.
TVS Scoring: Crews 17, Shafer 16, Hutchings 6, Robertson 4, Johnson 4

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trojans Use Basics to Best Blazers

All coaches have those nights where the shots aren't dropping and the team is struggling on offense. It is a long season, and it is hard to for a team to stay spot on night after night. And when you don't have offense, you need to have a strong defense and do the little things right such as boxing out and getting rebounds. On some nights it is the team that executes the basic fundamentals of basketball that ends up with the victory. That was the case with the Arcanum Trojans as they did not do anything fancy, just did the little things right against the Trail Blazers.

Normally Arcanum is a team that shoots well from the outside. But the Trojans only sunk 2 – 3 pointers on the night. Mackenzie Sharritts got one in the 1st quarter and Brittany Kinney got hers in the last quarter. Arcanum got most of their points on the night from Stevie Johnting and Gracie Garno knifing through the Trail zone to the basket for layups. On the other hand, a small Trail team shot well in the 1st half from the perimeter. They scored well enough to keep the game tight for most of the game. At halftime it was 22-18 in favor of Arcanum.  

Scoring for Arcanum: Kaitlyn Zell 2, Kayla O'Daniel 1,Stevie Johnting 18, Gracie Garno 9, McKenzie Sharritts 3, Madi O'Daniel 2.

Scoring for Trail: P. Laird 12, M. Laird 5, E. Byrd 6, Abner 2,  J. Byrd  7.

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Panthers Defeat Eagles in Overtime

Twin Valley South  14  17  15  19  9  75
Middleton Christ    30   7   15  14  5  71

The Panthers fought back from a 16 point deficit in the first quarter and a 10 point deficit in the middle of the 4th quarter to take the Eagles into overtime, where they finished the win. Mylan Crews led the Panthers with 25 points and 7 steals, Kelsie Shafer put in 18 points and brought down 12 rebounds and Madison Johnson gave the Panthers 13 points with three from behind the three point line. The Eagles were led by Bellard with 29 points and Arrington with 22 points. 

Scoring for TVS: Crews 25, Shafer 18, Johnson 13, Hutchings 8, Bowers 5, Vorhis 2, Bingham 2, Robertson 2 (Record 3-9)

Scoring for MC: Bellard 29, Arington 22, Long 13, Crawford 4, Kim 2, Veal 1 (Record 6-6)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Young Jets Bomb Panthers

The Franklin Monroe Jets girls team starts 3 freshman, a sophomore, and a junior. A starting 5 that in age would appear better suited to a Junior Varsity roster. But the young team played well beyond their years as they put on a show with an intense defense that smothered Twin Valley South and an offense that moved the ball well and shot lights out from the field to thrash an older and more experienced Twin Valley South team 57-16.

Scoring for Franklin Monroe: Belle Cable 9, Brianna Conley 20, Kennedy Morris 2, Chloe Peters 10, Tara Goubeaux 2, Kinsey Goins 8, Audrey Cable 6.

Scoring for TVS: Emily Hutchings 5, Mylan Crews 3, Evelyn Woodgeard 3, Madison Johnson 2, Kelsie Shafer 2, Maegan Carson 1.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wave Sinks Pirates in Overtime

“We have not played in 19 days– and it sure looked like a team that hadn't played in 19 days tonight.” stated Greenvilles coach. The team had some major rust to shake off as they returned to action in their first game of this new year. West Carrollton has only won a single game, but when they saw that they had a chance against Greenville after the first quarter, they redoubled their efforts to take a chance at the opportunity. To their credit the Wave awoke from their slumber and made a major team effort to get the win in the last seconds of the game.

Greenville Scoring: Karsyn Shafer 9, Cassie Cromwell 15, Saki Nakamura 8, Morgan Gilbert 8, Jada Garland 8, Kaylee Jackson 7.

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