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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Random thoughts on 1/1

Random thoughts on 1/1
Browns: Big shakeup in Cleveland, both the coach and GM sacked. Same with Detroit. Several teams have said 'no more' after disappointing seasons and gotten rid of coaches.
Meanwhile the...
Bengals: Stand pat. In a familiar scenario to Bengals fans, the team has a disappointing first half of the season. Then in the second half of the season, they pick up easy wins against dispirited teams that have given up on the season. Giving false hope that "next year will be the year". Don't be fooled. Unless TJ and Mike Brown have some sort of secret pact, I can't see TJ staying. Interesting the report that the Bengals will not use the franchise player tag on him. He and Benson were the only solid performers on the offense. And Benson could be gone as he is a free agent as well. Palmers arm is still a question mark, as is the offensive line. So the offense is very much in turmoil - it could be radically different from what we saw this past season.

Caldwell did provide a spark at wideout in the last game. So that is a glimmer of hope. And the defense seems improved - also a check mark in the plus column. But I still have reservations that the Bengals will improve much in '09

CCC Girls poll is over: the consensus seems to be that the Vikings will cruise thru the CCC and win another championship. No disagreement from me on this.

CCC Boys: The current poll asks which boys team will win the CCC. Probably another year where there will be a shared crown. But could Miami East get two basketball Championships this winter - one on the boys side, on for the girls? Lots of exciting high school basketball yet to be played.

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