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Saturday, January 02, 2010

I was worried about the West Coast mystic bringing down the Buckeyes. Or whatever it is that seems to cause Big 10 schools to fail in the Rose Bowl. But the defense did a great job of containing Oregons high octane offense. Pryor did a great job of passing the ball and also running for first downs when he needed to. And Tressel wasn't as conservative as he has been in the past with his play calling. Instead of trying to sit on a lead with running plays he was trying to extend the lead by utilizing the pass. And with almost everyone coming back, look for a BCS bowl next season.

The Big 10 had some quality wins this week. After getting a bad rap the past few years, it is good to see other teams from the conference winning bowl games. Penn State had a good win, and so did Wisconsin. Northwestern lost, but only by 3 points. So 3 out of 4 ain't bad. Michigan State plays tonight.

Cincinnati had a rough rough night. I watched the first half and couldn't watch anymore. Even with Kelly coaching, I don't think that they would have done much better. Florida was on their game and the Bearcats couldn't get it in gear. They had a good season and achieved a lot the past few years. Time will tell if the team keeps their momentum the next few years, or fades back into being a mid-tier team.

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