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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

OSU Over Confident Against Tulsa?

After winning handily against Bowling Green, the Buckeyes might have been a tad overconfident in their game against Tulsa.  The offense definitely looked out of sorts.  No push from the line and although there was a stiff wind in their face in the 1st quarter, the passing game was out of sorts as well.  Tulsa held their own in the first quarter. It was 3-3 at that point.  But things took a turn for the worse in the second quarter.

The Buckeye defense came to life and scored off of interceptions.  And actually that first field goal was set up by an interception.  So it was almost like the Buckeyes didn't need their offense anyway - the defense was doing it all.  But as the teams entered the second half a storm caused a delay with the game. Some of us had poncho's but almost everyone went under the stands to escape the monsoon like deluge.

During this delay the Buckeyes made whatever adjustments and butt chewings that needed to be done.  Whatever the cause, the offense came to life when play resumed.  The passing game was on again, and the running backs made yardage.  It was a relief to see the team back in sync despite the rainy conditions in the second half.  The final was 48-3.

The Buckeyes can't afford to get off to a slow start like this next week against Oklahoma.  They need to be focused from the opening whistle.   So maybe it was good to have this game as a wake up call to remind the Buckeyes that they can't afford to relax.

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