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Monday, December 18, 2017

Patriots Scalp Mohawks

The Patriots just kept getting stronger as the game went on as they began their 2nd consequtive 3 game week with a solid no nonsense 79-23 victory over the SWBL’s Middletown Madison Mohawks.   This week the Patriots play against teams that in 3 different leagues: the SWBL, the CCC and the MAC. So they need to keep the same momentum as they displayed in this game going for them all this week and get progressively stronger each game...

Scoring: Madison Foreman 3, Autumn Moore 6, Emma Printz 21, Peyton Bietry 2, Trisa Porter 6, Lissa Siler 11, Maddie Downing 17, Lauren Flory 13. 

Complete Story at the Daily Advocate

Click here for more game pics

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