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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ansonia Stopped by Trail

National Trail has been the team to beat in the CCC this season and this past weekend it was Ansonia's turn at trying to hand the Blazers their 1st league loss. It was a night long battle with the teams going back and forth. But it was Trail who found a way to eek out a lead in the 4th quarter and then hold off Ansonia's attempts at clawing back into the game for a 53-44 win.

Ansonia: Farrier 15, Stammen 11, Buckingham 3, Barga 11, Hemmerich 4

Trail: Toms 9, Harrison 20, Woodall 11, Leal 3, Everman 2, Weathington 6.

Complete Story shortly at Daily Advocate

Game Pics

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