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Friday, January 17, 2020

Blackhawks Struggle Against South

The visiting Mississinawa Valley Blackhawks started slow and gave the host Twin Valley South Panthers a generous lead early in the game. The team attempted to rally in the 2nd half, but had difficulty making headway against South. The end result would be a long bus ride home for the Blackhawks as they would end up on the wrong side of a 52-37 score.

Mississinawa Valley Scoring: Emily Scholl 3, Leah Scholl 9, Madi Townsend 2, Kennedy Stachler 9, Kya Levy 4, Taylor Stachler 5, Mattie Hiestand 5.

Twin Valley South Scoring: Bennet 2, Davidson 9, T. Clark 9, Bowers 10, Neal 15, Newport 3, A. Clark 4.

Story to be posted shortly to: Daily Advocate

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