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Friday, September 14, 2007

TVS 34 Bethel 33.

Wow, another nail biter - at this rate the coaches must be running out of fingernails. But you have to hand it to the players and coaches - they keep finding a way to win. Bethel dominated the first quarter, but South fought back. I think that Bethel definitely had a larger line and seemed to be getting a good surge off the ball initially. But South adjusted and had some good series where they made Bethel go 3 and out. Mayes was definitely effective - but he didn't run helter skelter thru the defense as was feared. He had his share of good carries, but there were some drives where he was stuffed.

South's defense still gives up the big play. We will get a team in 3rd and long, but let them off the hook with a big pass, or long run. Maybe the defense relaxes, or ??? but it does seem to be a pattern -not sure how to cure this. The offense sure seems to able to score. Again the team made some adjustments; in the first quarter we looked awful - 3 plays and punt. But the coaches made some changes and the offense began to move the ball well.

Players really stepped up and made big plays. Josh Flynns 90 yard runback to start the second half was huge - and was channel 7's play of the week, so congrats to him. JT Stone had a nice 40+ yard carry to set up the last TD. Eisenhour had a catch where he was wide open and took it to the house. Maleski did some damage in the first half, had a nice TD catch and run. Matt Wentlender made the defensive play of the night when he ended Bethels last drive with an interception with less than a minute in the game. And of course the play that put TVS on top was something that young kids dream about. Quarterback rolls out with the game on the line. Defenders converge and start to grab hold. With defenders clinging to his jersey, the quarterback makes a desperation pass to an open reciever who catches it in the end zone.

Next week Cinderella will go up against Covington. Will they shatter the glass slipper and send South home in a pumpkin? Word is that Covington has a tough defense (no surprise there) and a young but potent offense. An angle to the game is that Covington is coached by ex-South coach Dave Miller who took South to the regional finals several years ago. The game will be a battle of unbeatens and with South's track record this season, promises to be an exciting one. This is a game with both playoff and conference implications.

I see that North soundly defeated Bradford for their first win the season. The Railroaders did score 21 points, so it looks like they don't give up. Ansonia shows that they are a force to be reckoned with as they beat Arcanum by a bunch. Mississinawa Valley took out their frustrations on Trail.