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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well after a summer's hiatus, it is time to awaken from a July slumber and start looking forward to the start of fall sports.

CCC Football - Curtis Enis takes the reins at Bradford. The former NFL player has worked as an assistant, but now he will be head coach. I would think that this would pick up interest in the program, but don't know what talent the Railroaders will have this fall.

Reports from Covington are that the numbers are up a little and the weightroom is well attended. They only lost a handful of starters from a play off team. Look for them to be contending yet again.

Arcanum should be returning a lot of starters from a young team.

Trail will be under their second of coach Graher. Lets see if that program gets some traction this season.

North has some talent that quarterback I saw last year had a decent arm. Line will have to give him some time.

South has some holes to fill from a sub .500 team. Lots of openings in the line and skill positions. The senior class has some talent, but will the depth be there to fill out a competitive roster.

League champ Ansonia loses talent to graduation. But they still have their quarterback. I see them having a winning season, but don't think they have what it takes to repeat.

Speaking of fall football, how about Ohio State. Big year for Pryor, it will be interesting to see if his skills have matured as a quarterback. The team returns 16 starters, so there is plenty of experience. I didn't think that Herron or Saine were that steady of rushers. I saw them play well in spurts, but I would like for the leading rusher on the team for the 2010 season be a running back, not the quarterback.

The Bengals - I have been wearing my Bengals gear this summer. In the past, you kept it hidden away, broke it out in the fall, then in October when it was obvious that the team was going no where you put your gear away. Palmer is getting to the age where he needs to make that deep playoff run. Not sure how many more years he has in him. Chad Ochocinco is not focused this off season. When he should be working out, he is dancing and calling out Pittsburgh. I don't see him being a factor this season. And with the Benson getting arrested for fighting in a bar, it doesn't look like the Bengals are focused this season. I can see the cards falling right and the Bengals making the playoffs. But I can't see them making a deep run.

Now how about them Reds. Very surprising that they are in first place in July. I thought that they needed one more big bat to be a complete team at the start of the season this spring. But the team has done well. They have lots of pitching, so do they deal any away to strengthen the team this season and go for a play off run? Or do they hold onto the cards they have been dealt? Maybe trade a starter for a closer? Or move a starter to bull pen?