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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well at the midway point this is shaping up to be a typical SW Ohio sports season. The Reds are out of it after the all-star break. Now football fans are waiting for the next season to begin. Bengals fans will be saying "this is the year", but by the end of October the Bengals gear will go back in the closet. They are supposed to be on TV during camp, that should be interesting to get a peak behind the curtain.

Again OSU will probably end the season with a top 10 ranking, but I don't see this as the year that they will be the hunt for a national championship. Lots of turnover on defense. The offense should be solid at QB and wideout. But the running game will be a question mark. Herron seems to have the most potential at this point. As we all know, Tressel likes to get the lead and sit on it by going to a running game and a stout defense to eat clock. Will he change tactics this season?

At Michigan, Rodriguez had best get things in gear this season and show progress. If he doesn't, then the clock will start ticking for him. University of Cincinnati is starting to eat into OSU's recruiting base. Not huge bites, just nibbles around the edges. I think that they have a shot at a top 25 ranking if they continue to reload as they have been doing under Kelley.