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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Trojans Upend Panthers

Arcanum  17  11  14  9  51
TVS          11   2    9  8  31

Scoring for Arcanum: Kayla O'Daniel 16, Macey Hartman 12, Lexi Unger 8, Gracie Garno 7, Elliana Sloan 5, Ellie Siculan 3

Arcanum Record 6-6 | CCC 4-2

Scoring for TVS: Mylan Crews 14, Kelsie Shafer 8, Abby Bingham 3, Mckenzie Neal 2, Abby Robertson 2, Taylor Bowers 2

TVS Record:5-6 | CCC 2-3

Trojans got off to a great start hitting five from behind the three point line in the first half from four different players. Panthers were never able to recover from the early lead. Trojans were led by Kalya O'Daniel with 16 points and the Panthers were led by Mylan Crews with 14.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

North Wins Preble Shawnee Holiday Tournament

The final day of the Preble Shawnee Holiday Tournament was well worth the price of admission.  Both games were hard fought and came down the last few minutes.  In the opening round, South narrowly lost to Preble Shawnee while North had a close game with Northwestern, winning in the last minutes padding their lead with free throws.

South had to battle against the Northwestern press.  It was effective at times, so South had to struggle against it. After going back and forth in the 3rd quarter.  South was able to capture a lead in the 4th quarter and fought hard to maintain it. At the 1 minute mark it was a 1 point game. But Ryan Bassler calmly sunk 2 free throws to extend the lead to 3 points. Northwestern scored from the field with seconds to make it a 1 point game again. Willie Bowman provided the final margin of victory when he shot a layup with seconds left in the game for a 66-63 final score.

This set the table for the grand finale.  North and Shawnee played a fast and furious game with both teams racing down the court in transition during the 1st quarter.  North played some man to man, but used a zone defense to put pressure on the wings. Shawnee used a man to man defense, but pressed.

There were a total of 4 technical fouls in the game. 1 against North and 3 against Shawnee.  The home town fans were not happy about this and the gym got loud.  North was tied with Shawnee with about  minute left in the 1st quarter but got the lead and held onto it and at halftime it was 33-24. Shawnee made some good runs in the 2nd half, but North held onto the lead. And when Shawnee started fouling late in the game North calmly toed the line and sunk their free throws to win 62-53.  

Championship Scoring:

Shawnee: Thompson 9, Worley 9, Lewis 10, Moore 13, Bates 9.  North: McCollough 37, Stinson 16, Heindl 6, Jackson 4, Lockwood 2, Stinson 2.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Trojans Overpower Panthers

Arcanum  17  11  14  9  51
TVS          11   2    9  8  31

Scoring for Arcanum: Kayla O'Daniel 16, Macey Hartman 12, Lexi Unger 8, Gracie Garno 7, Elliana Sloan 5, Ellie Siculan 3

Arcanum Record 6-6 | CCC 4-2

Scoring for TVS: Mylan Crews 14, Kelsie Shafer 8, Abby Bingham 3, Mckenzie Neal 2, Abby Robertson 2, Taylor Bowers 2

TVS Record:5-6 | CCC 2-3

Coach Rike:
"Trojans got off to a great start hitting five from behind the three point line in the first half from four different players. We were never able to recover from their early lead. "

Trojans were led by Kalya O'Daniel with 16 points and the Panthers were led by Mylan Crews with 14."

Friday, December 22, 2017

South Stopped by Stivers

Stivers  17  5  7  13  42
TVS       6   9  16 3   34

Scoring for Stivers: M. Randolph 15, E. Fletcher 12, M. Hummons 8, J.Allen 5, A. Williams 2. 
Stivers Record: 3-2

Scoring for Twin Valley South: Mylan Crews 15, Kelsie Shafer 12, Mckenzie Neal 4, Abby Bingham 2, Evelyn Woodgeard 1
TVS Record: 5-5

Coach Rike:

Tonight's game was a different quarter a different story for the Panthers. The first quarter may have been our worst one this season. The second quarter we got our composure back and did a good job getting back in the game. The third quarter we looked liked the team that went 3-0 last week as we took the lead heading into the 4th quarter. Then in the 4th quarter we got in our heads mentally and let the size of our opponent play the biggest factor in the game. 

We know going into every contest that we are the smaller team on the floor. When we are at our best we don't let it make that much of an impact, but when we are at our worst, not only do we see the size contrast on the rebounding end, but our girls start to struggle making simple shots because they are always in a hurry before size closes in on them. Rushed shots cost us big time tonight as we went 13 for 41 with shots in the paint. Stivers 6'0" post player - Emily Fletcher just proved to be too much for us tonight as she put up 12 points and kept us from scoring under the basket. In the losing effort the Panthers were led by Mylan Crews with 15 points and Kelsie Shafer put up a double double with 12 points and 10 rebounds. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Trojans: Slow Start, Fast Finish

The Arcanum Trojans travelled down Route 503 to play against league foe Tri-County North.  The team was slow to get their engine started.  So they had to play from behind and finally caught up and then passed North.  Finally, in the last stanza, they played a vigorous defense to prevent North from scoring and got points off of turnovers themselves.   After being down by 10 points early in the game, they were able to come away with a league win 50-43.

Arcanum: ElleiSculan 3, Elaina Sloan 3, Kayla O'Daniel 2, Camille Pohl 6, Gracie Garno 17, Lexi Unger 11, Marcy Hartman 8.

TCN:  Estep 9, Stinson 8, Rupp 4, Jackson 4, Stupp 18.

Complete Story at Daily Advocate

Game Pics

Monday, December 18, 2017

Patriots Scalp Mohawks

The Patriots just kept getting stronger as the game went on as they began their 2nd consequtive 3 game week with a solid no nonsense 79-23 victory over the SWBL’s Middletown Madison Mohawks.   This week the Patriots play against teams that in 3 different leagues: the SWBL, the CCC and the MAC. So they need to keep the same momentum as they displayed in this game going for them all this week and get progressively stronger each game...

Scoring: Madison Foreman 3, Autumn Moore 6, Emma Printz 21, Peyton Bietry 2, Trisa Porter 6, Lissa Siler 11, Maddie Downing 17, Lauren Flory 13. 

Complete Story at the Daily Advocate

Click here for more game pics

Friday, December 15, 2017

South Downs Blazers

Twin Valley South  4  12  20  13  49
National Trail          4   7   10  12  33

Scoring for Twin Valley South: Mylan Crews 13, Kelsie Shafer 12, McKenzie Neal 12, Madison Johnson 6, Evelyn Woodgeard 3, Abby Bingham 2, Alexis Bennett 1
TVS Record: 4-3, CCC 1-2

Scoring for National Trail: Makena Laird 8, Lexi Benedict 8, Davlyn Werner 5, Evan Byrd 4, Molly Skinner 4, Savannah Abner 3, Hannah Cunningham 1.
NT Record: 3-2, CCC 0-1

Coach Rike:
It was a defensive struggle in the first half with the game tied 4-4 at the end of the first quarter and then a TVS 16-11 lead at the half. But the Panthers came out strong in the third quarter getting buckets from Crews, Johnson, Neal and Shafer putting up 20 total points in the quarter to the Blazers 10. The Panthers finished strong to get their first CCC win and move to 4-3 on the season. The Panthers were led in scoring by Mylan Crews with 13 and the Blazers were led by Makena Laird and Lexi Benedict each with 8 points.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Aviators Soar Over Wave

The Butler Aviators are one of the toughest opponents that Greenville will face all season.  The team has 2 dominating post players with Brian Johnson being the feature player for Aviators – he made plays on both offense and defense – punctuating his night with back to back dunks in the 2nd quarter when they made a run to break the game open.  But Greenville did not help their cause with their turnovers.  The Aviators were able to convert steals into points with baskets scored in transition.  It was a frustrating night for the Wave, they would fall 85-29.

Greenville scoring:  Ethan Saylor 5, Grant Minnich 3, Tyler Becky  5, Noah Walker 5,  Will Coomer 5, Noah VanHorn 6.

Complete Story at the Daily Advocate

Click here for pictures

South Beats Dixie

TVS  5  15  7  12  39
Dixie 7   9   9   10  35

Scoring for Twin Valley South: Mylan Crews 14, Kelsie Shafer 9, Evelyn Woodgeard 8, Mckenzie Neal 4, Alexis Bennett 2, Abby Robertson 2 
TVS Record: 3-3

Scoring for Dixie: Sydney Creamer 15, McKinlee Ruppert 12, Kalyn McQueen 3, Gaby Bates 3, Madeline Betts 2, 
Dixie Record: 1-6

It was a contest between the gritty defense of South against the rebounding ability of Dixie.  Dixie did a good job of pulling in rebounds and controlling the boards, but South was able to capture turnovers and get points in transition.  The end of the game saw Dixie sending South to the foul line, where they were able to convert their chances into points and maintain their lead.

Coach Rike
"This was a battle down the final minutes. The Panthers were led by Mylan Crews with 14 points, 8 of which came from the free throw line. Mylan's six points from the free throw line in the 4th quarter proved to be the difference in the ball game."

Saturday, December 09, 2017

North Wins Thriller Against South

North overcame a 10 point halftime deficit to defeat their rivals 49-46.  In the first half South was able to slash to basket for layups.  Preston Jackson, who is a presence in the post, got 2 fouls early and sat out most of the 1st half.  When he got back on the court in the 2nd half, he slowed down the pace of South's scoring.  South had to make some adjustments themselves, trading in a man to man defense for a box and 1 to slow down North's Dillon McCullough. It was the inside game of South vs the outside shooting of North. The intense game came down to the final minute - with fans from both sides raising the roof -it was bedlam.  McCullough tied the game at 46 all with a free throw with about a minute left. Then Jackson, who had not scored the entire night, scored on a layup with 14 seconds left and was fouled - he sunk the free throw for the final margin of victory.


TVS Bryant Marker 1, Ryan Bassler 3, Jayden Bassler 2, Nathan Osborn 4, Willie Bowman 16, Travis Lovely 18.  

TCN: Dillon McCullough 16,  Brian Stinson 11, Preston Jackson 3,  Josh Heindl 9,  Dylan Stinson 8.

Game Pics Here

Friday, December 08, 2017

South Falls to Miami East

Girls Basketball
Miami East  31  21  18  10  80
TVS             10   5    5    1   21

Scoring for Miami East: Haley Howard 23, Bailey Miller 15, Maria Staton 15, Morgan Haney 11, Camryn Miller 5, Anna Jacomet 3, Kaitlyn Mack 3, Whitley Gross 3, Mikayla Schaffner 2. Record 4-2

 Scoring For TVS: Mylan Crews 8, Kelsie Shafer 8, Maegan Carson 3, Madison Johnson 2. TVS Record 2-3

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Second Half is Greenville's Half

For the second game in a row, Greenville’s girls team had a fabulous 3rd quarter to pull ahead for a victory.  This week the team started league play against GWOC foe Troy. They had a less than stellar first half, but regrouped at halftime and came out smoking for the win.  It was a satisfying come from behind victory, the final score was 44-37.

Scoring: Haleigh Mayo 9, Payton Brandenburg 6, Lani Shilt 4, Saki Nakamura 6, Morgan Gilbert 13, Joda Garland 3, Koryann Elliot 2.

Complete Story at Daily Advocate

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Spartans Over Panthers

South was defeated by the Valley View Spartans 56-48

Valley View     16    12   14   14   56
TV  South        16   10   11   11    48

Valley View: Geiger  8, Shuey  3,  Erbaugh  21,  Clark  4,  Herman  13,  Hannah  7
Threes: Geiger 2, Erbaugh 2,  Herman 2, Shuey

TV  South:  R. Bassler  6, J. Bassler 2,  Osborn  2,  Wells  2,  Bowman  17,  Lovely  19
Threes: R. Bassler, Bowman

Monday, December 04, 2017

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