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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Win Night for Shawnee. Both Varsity basketball teams won in exciting fashion in a mens and womens double header. South was the unlucky recipient of tough losses. South's women's team is based on seniors while Shawnee's is based on sophomores. The Shawnee team has been able to string together some wins while South has a winning season and hope to enter the post season season on an upnote with a win for their last regular season game. After a first half with a lot of turnovers, the tables were turned as the Arrows began to take advantage of the Panthers errors. Down the stretch Shawnee hit their shots while South whiffed. Shawnee came away with a 5 point win.

Coached this bunch of sophomores when I did junior high at Shawnee. And at times there were 4 sophomores on the court. Not much height, but some athleticism and that intangible that you either have or don't have - a desire to win no matter what the odds. If this bunch stays together, look for good things to happen in Arrow country the next couple of years.

As for the boys game, South has got to wondering what happened. They had a comfortable lead at half time. But Shawnee kept chipping away at that lead. If my memory is right South had an 8 point lead with about 2 minutes left. I was getting my coat and making plans for heading out the door. But Shawnee made their shots down the stretch, including an incredible three pointer launched about midway shot form between the three point line and midcourt. South had a tough time making foul shots, the Arrow crowd was definitely a six man as at least three players bricked the front end of 1 and 1's partly due to the loud crowd.

This tied the game and I think the air left South's sails at this point. They were trying to force the ball on offense and this caused turnovers. Plus it did not help to miss some easy shots. Shawnee did hit their free throws and won comfortably by 8. It has been a tough season for the South boys squad and this loss was a real heart breaker.