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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunsite Racers and Fans, (Radio Controlled Race Boats)
  June 24, 2012 was a great day for racing, although it was very HOT the wind was calm and we had zero rain. Our newest competitor is Andy Denka. Andy took 1st place in his very first heat of racing! Good job Andy and crew member Alex.  Mike Stuchell has a real neat gadget for maintaining proper carb jetting by attaching to the carb fuel inlet and reading the airflow and air density with a gage mounted on the flow box. Kevin Dowty won the main event in F hydro. Kevin lost his cowling in the first heat in the deepest part of the pond, he then resorted to using duct tape to close off the engine bay. I had a good day racing by taking 1st in both heats of all three classes that I raced in, SK, F, and  K, but when it came to the finals things just went sour for me. In SK I couldn't get my boat started because it was flooded, in F hydro a large stick lodged in my rudder and slowed the Miss Bardahl down to a crawl then swamped the engine from water spray.
Daily results--
SK heat one-- 16- 1st, 45-2nd, 777-dnf
SK heat two---16-1st, 777-2nd, 45-3rd
SK main------45-1st, 777-2nd, 16-dns
E heat one--44-1st, 1-2nd, 48, 41, 45---dns
E heat two---41-1st, 1-2nd, 45-dnf, 44, 48-dns
E main-------41-1st, 1- 2nd, 48-3rd, 44-dnf, 45-dns
K heat one--50-1st, 1-2nd, 32-3rd
K heat two--50-1st, 1-2nd, 32-3rd,
K main------32-1st, 50-2nd, 1-dnf
F heat one---40-1st, 1-2nd, 710-3rd, 45-dnf
F heat two---40-1st, 45-2nd, 1-3rd, 710-dns
F main--------710-1st, 45-2nd, 40, 1--dnf
Season point standings--
1080--SK-45--Miss Blossom-- Margaret
1035--SK-16--Old yeller--Jon
790---SK-777--Jumpin Jack Flash- Phil
190---SK-1--Miss Joselyn--Matt
945--E-41--High Winder--Phil
720--E-45--Bluemoon II--Margaret
970--K-32---Hoof Hearted--John Jenkins
1040--F-45--Sunshine Baby--Margaret
930---F-1---King Bee--Phil
895--F-40--Miss Bardahl--Jon
           That's where it stands in season points after today's race. Thanks to Andy and crew for the donuts, fruit tray and hotdogs. Thanks again to Grace for operating the starting clock and keeping score. Our next race is July 15. There will be a water ski competition on the main lake both saturday and sunday. Margaret and Julia will be competing in the slalom event both days, fortunately the ski competition is over by 11:00am, that should not keep Margaret from racing on sunday. I will be camping back in the pit area on saturday night on the 14th.