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Friday, January 13, 2017

Young Jets Bomb Panthers

The Franklin Monroe Jets girls team starts 3 freshman, a sophomore, and a junior. A starting 5 that in age would appear better suited to a Junior Varsity roster. But the young team played well beyond their years as they put on a show with an intense defense that smothered Twin Valley South and an offense that moved the ball well and shot lights out from the field to thrash an older and more experienced Twin Valley South team 57-16.

Scoring for Franklin Monroe: Belle Cable 9, Brianna Conley 20, Kennedy Morris 2, Chloe Peters 10, Tara Goubeaux 2, Kinsey Goins 8, Audrey Cable 6.

Scoring for TVS: Emily Hutchings 5, Mylan Crews 3, Evelyn Woodgeard 3, Madison Johnson 2, Kelsie Shafer 2, Maegan Carson 1.

<< Full article at Greenville Daily Advocate >>

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wave Sinks Pirates in Overtime

“We have not played in 19 days– and it sure looked like a team that hadn't played in 19 days tonight.” stated Greenvilles coach. The team had some major rust to shake off as they returned to action in their first game of this new year. West Carrollton has only won a single game, but when they saw that they had a chance against Greenville after the first quarter, they redoubled their efforts to take a chance at the opportunity. To their credit the Wave awoke from their slumber and made a major team effort to get the win in the last seconds of the game.

Greenville Scoring: Karsyn Shafer 9, Cassie Cromwell 15, Saki Nakamura 8, Morgan Gilbert 8, Jada Garland 8, Kaylee Jackson 7.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

North Wins Nail Biter Over Bradford

Tuesday Bradford Lady Railroaders traveled to Tri-County North for a conference game. With the season winding down, teams are jockeying for position in the league. So this ended up being a hard fought game that was not decided until the last minute of play. The Railroaders stalled at the end and could not finish despite having the lead all through the second half until the last minute.

The Panthers opened a 11-5 lead in the 1st quarter. Bradford was using a zone defense and they were not rebounding well, giving North some 2nd chance shots – and also were giving them open looks. They did not close out well. The coach later shared that the team had been working on zone defense, but when he saw the results, he called it off at the end of the quarter and went back to a man to man defense. This made a huge difference as Bradford quickly made up ground.

Panther Aubrey Stupp lead the 4th quarter surge scoring 9 of her 20 points down the stretch.

Scoring for Bradford: Chelsea Gill 2, Olivia Hart 9, Baily Wysong 2, Mercedes Smith 2, Mandi Bates 16, Brook Fair 5, Ally Booker 4, Bianca Keener 7.

Scoring for North: Harris 2, Stinson 6, Rupp 7, Lipinski 2, Poling 11, Stupp 20.

<< Entire Story viewable at the Greenville Daily Advocate >>

Monday, January 09, 2017

Patriots Defense is Stellar Against Blue Devils

Tri-Village's coach Gray was not satisfied with his teams defensive performance against Covington last week. The team was able to eek out a 2 point win, but they had to play a heroic 4th quarter, overcoming a deficit for that victory. So he spoke to the team about playing better help side defense – not being pinned to a girl on defense. The adjustments he made paid dividends for the Patriots, but the hapless Brookville Blue Devils were the on the receiving end of a renewed Patriot defense. The Blue Devils never were able to establish themselves offensively and they could not withstand the Patriot onslaught on offense as they would eventually fall 81-29.

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Trojans Have Hot Hand in Second Half

The day long series of games between Dixie and Arcanum basketball teams concluded with the varsity boys game. The two schools had been battling all day and there was a little league pride on the line as well with Dixie representing the SWBL and Arcanum representing the CCC. It may have been been the cold night or something with the first weekend of games after the holidays, but the game started slowly but grew hot in the second half.

Arcanum has had a slow start to their regular season. But things have taken off for them with the New Year. One of their resolutions had to have been to get that first win – which they did on Friday night with a victory over Ansonia. The team wanted to keep that momentum against a Dixie team that had just lost to Madison the night before, and needed to get back that winning track. They were 3 and 1 to start the season, but were riding a 6 game losing streak.

Arcanum gained second half momentum thanks in part to the shooting of Carter Grey and Wade Meeks. The final score was 45-30.  

This story in it's entirety will published at the Greenville Daily Advocate.

Arcanum Routs Dixie

Arcanum and Dixie had a day of basketball this past Saturday with all of the boys team and all of the girls teams playing each other. This event was hosted by Dixie high school. It is a good deal for the girls programs who don't often get featured on a Saturday night and so they get to play in front of a crowd. It does tax the host schools staff and volunteers who have to put in the time to make sure that all are accommodated.

On the girls side, the Trojans dominated. The JV game was a lopsided affair where Arcanum took the lead and did not look back. They only allowed 1 point by the host Dixie team at halftime. Arcanum meanwhile scored 30 points and would tack on another 21 by games end. Dixie's reserve did get into double figures, but would only score 11.

In the varsity game the Trojans would win, but Dixie put up a better fight. The Trojans had a more skilled team, but their greater depth really helped them out in the second half where they just wore out the Hounds. Dixie had a good second quarter to close the gap the with the Trojans, but their momentum withered in the last half. It was 26-15 at that point, and it looked like Dixie could keep it close. But the Trojans came out strong and ended up with a resounding win 60-25. Scoring another 34 points while allowing just 10.

Story in its entirety at the Greenville Daily Advocate