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Saturday, February 16, 2013

SouthEastern Edges South

SouthEastern Edged out South in a defensive battle in the opening round of the girls basketball state tournament. It was a low scoring affair as both teams were tentative in their offense but strong on defense.  Which isn't too unusual in tournament play as both schools are meeting for the first time and so like a boxing match, they feel out their opponent to see what will work.  Then you have the tournament factor where both teams are intense and playing tight. Which is not conducive for offensive production.

SouthEastern had an early edge with their half court trap.  It seemed to keep South from getting into an offensive flow and did create turnovers - over 10 in the second half alone.  On the other hand, South seemed to do a good job rebounding and limited SouthEastern to just one shot per possession. Katie Strazheim had a productive second quarter and in a low scoring game, gave South the lead going into the locker room - 10 to 8.  But the third quarter was not productive for South, they could only muster a single basket.  And as the game went on, they were cold from the foul line - only hitting on 2 foul shots for the game and bricking 6 foul shots in the 4th quarter alone.

Still South staying within striking distance when Whitney White connected on a three point shot late in the fourth quarter.  South was fouling in the last minute and SouthEastern connected when it counted to keep their lead. When the horn blew it was SouthEastern 22 TVS 19 in a closely contested game.  Scoring for TVS: Whitney White 3, Gentry Gates 3, Kara Mackie 4, Timberlynn Donaldson 3, Katie Strazheim 6.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

TVS - Shawnee Split Games

Saturday night was an 'All the Basketball You Can Eat' night at Preble Shawnee high school.  The two schools matched up both girls and boys squads from freshman to varsity.  It was an eventful evening - thanks to 'Hoops for Hope' there was a proliferation of pink t-shirts in the stands and both varsity teams wore the the shirts during warm ups. The Hoops for Hope shirts were for raising cancer awareness.  It was also senior night, so in between varsity games the seniors were recognized.

Ladies were up first.  Shawnee took off of with an early lead.  They used their basketball skills well - passing, rebounding and a stubborn defense.  They mixed in some full court pressure and kept South off balance.  It was 9-2 in favor of the Arrows about half into the first quarter  South did find some traction with their inside game, but were still down 19-10 at the end of the quarter.

South had accumulated several early fouls and early in the second quarter they were giving up bonus to the Arrows.  But that was the least of their worries as Shawnee dialed up the pressure - trapping South for turnovers. It was a frustrating quarter for South, if Shawnee didn't get a steal - then a pass out of bounds, or a travel would likewise give the ball right back to the Arrows.  South took a time out to try to turn the tide, but it was to no avail - Shawnee went into the locker room with a 42-15 lead.  Holding South to just 5 points while scoring 23 themselves to break the game wide open.

In the second half, South tried to do a little trapping of their own and switched up defenses - but Shawnee shook off any attempt by South at a comeback.  They kept up the pace and cruised to an easy 74-29 victory.  Scoring for South: Taylor Clark 2, Beth Foust 1, Kara Mackie 7, Timberlynn Donaldson 15, Katie Strazheim 4.  Scoring for Shawnee: Woodard 6, Edwards 20, Brown 10, Moore 16, Klamm 6, Lakes 16.

South girls will play SouthEastern next Saturday morning at Brookville. 15-5 Shawnee will make up a league game against Waynesville, but they are runners up in their division of the SWBL.

Next up were the boys varsity teams.  They had met earlier in the year at the Shawnee holiday tournament and South was able to win that time. Again the Panthers found themselves in hostile territory - playing as the visitors. But this did not phase them as they hit some big shots to go out in front early.  Shawnee played zone in the early going and South took advantage with Wysong and Cole chucking in treys. During this period, South was doing a good job rebounding as well.  Shawnee took a timeout to adjust their defense when South had a 10-2 lead. Shawnee closed the gap with a buzzer beater and were down 12-17 after one quarter.

Shawnee pressed some in the second quarter and South responded with some trapping of their own. With the flurry of action from both aggressive defenses, the teams accumulated a lot of fouls.  South was able to go into the locker room with a 26-34 lead.  Inexplicably they came out of the locker room cold as the team couldn't hit a shot in the first 4 minutes of the quarter. And when things aren't working of offense you strain to make things happen on defense.  But when you overplay, you get called for fouls. Innis picked up his third foul early in the quarter and the Panthers were accumulating fouls at a rate of one a minute as Shawnee thundered down the comeback trail.

Shawnee actually took a 2 point lead during their 10-0 run. The drought was finally broken for South when Wes Cole drained a three to allow South to regain the lead, then Anthony Augspurger made a shot on the next possession to provide a cushion.  The South defense was generating turnovers at this time and so it was hard for Shawnee to make any headway.

It was a 4 point game as the teams entered the final quarter of play. South, who had been so cold in the third quarter, found their mark in the 4th quarter.  Extending their lead to 9 points and forcing Shawnee to take a time out at the 5 minute mark to adjust.   With three minutes to go South was very deliberate in their offense, chewing precious seconds off the clock.  Shawnee went to the press to make a run - and they did close to 6 points with 34 seconds left where they sunk a three to make it a three point game. But they had to foul to get the ball back and Mike Green iced the game for South at the free throw line for a 56-51 victory. Scoring for South: Wes Cole 20, Jesse Wysong 12, Mike Green 12, Anthony Augspurger 8, Jordan Burns 5, Seth Baker 6.