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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Ada 35 tcn 0 halftime

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bradford Surpasses TVS

The first half was great for Twin Valley South but Bradford made a strong comeback in the second half to come away with the win. For the first 2 quarters South could almost do no wrong. They found the endzone twice and kicked a field goal for a 15-0 lead. But then Bradford scored just before halftime and from that point on, it was Bradford’s game. South never could recover their mojo. That score was set up by a kickoff that went to the thirty yard line and with less than a minute left in the half the Railroaders punched the ball in the endzone.

In the second half, Bradford changed their defensive strategy and started to blitz their linebackers more. This disrupted the South offense and by games end, Bradford would have 8 sacks. And South’s receiver’s seemed to have problems finding the handle, there were a lot of dropped passes. South did better than what they had done in the past with turnovers – only allowing a single fumble. But that fumble was costly as it happened on the South 15 yard line and Bradford was able to score. Bradford began to move the ball on offense and at games end they would garner the win 29-15.

Statistical highlights for South: Cole Cottingim was 15 of 31 passing for 203 yards and a TD. Freshman Wes Cole had 3 receptions for 54 yards; Zane Cottingim had 4 receptions for 46 yards; and Darin Brown had 4 receptions for 60 yards and a TD. On Defense Bobby Green lead the way with 10 tackles, Zane Cottingim had 8 tackles and Cody Clayton had 5 tackles with 4 of them for a loss.

On the game, coach Engleka was disappointed with the outcome – particularly since the team did so well against Miami East. “ In the first half we shut them down. They have 3 good backs and we told the team that we need to gang tackle and go to the ball. We got away from that. And on offense we had problems with their blitzing in the second half. Although we only had the one turnover – it came at a bad time and lead to a score.”

The Senior Class, “It was a difficult spot for them to be in with a new coach and a new program. They could have fought the changes and just gone through the motions. But these seniors bought into the program and provided good leadership for the rest of the team to follow. With them it was team first, always. In particular, I thought that Dylan Steffey, Bobby Green, and Ashley Dillon showed the younger kids how to go hard. I think that attitude showed itself against Miami East, that was a big step in showing everyone what this program can be. And Cole Cottingim hadn’t played since 8th grade and he did a good job for us as quarterback. Cole Maggard has been a solid performer as has Matt Johnson. We will miss them.

On the CCC, “ I have had experience with Centerville and Middletown among other places. And I was impressed with how many good programs there are – Covington is outstanding, Ansonia and North have good programs in place too. These schools are not just throwing athletes on the field, they are building and developing their players. There were times this season where it was not X’s and O’s, we were physically and mentally beaten by some of these teams. It is a toughness we need to develop and that is going to be stressed over and over this off season. “