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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Don't watch UFC fighting that much, but was at a sports bar last night and they had it up on the big screen. One of the early matches on the card had me scratching my head. The one guy was chiseled - very muscular and looked like a fighter. The other guy looked like his training regimen was eating a dozen glazed donuts while smoking a pell mell cigarette for breakfast. Lounging on the couch during the day and having a night cap of a 12 pack of old Milwaukee. I mean the guy had man boobs.

To his credit, he did have fast hands and could take a punch. But it was obvious that at the end of the match that he was spent. The decision went unanimously to the chiseled looking dude. The pilsbury dough boy is probably using his check for a weekend grazing at the Golden Corral buffet. Another interesting match was also on the undercard. A tall string bean looking guy against a bear like looking guy - a wrestler. The wrestler guy owned the string bean in the first round. Got him on the ground and pummeled him. It was like watching a play ground bully own the geeky kid.

At the break, they tried to patch up the guys bloody lip. Back out they went - my wife said 'why don't they stop the fight'? Well they must have given the skinny one piece of advice - use your reach and box. About a minute into the second round he got the wrestler on the chin and down he went. What a turn around.

I have to admit, I like it more than boxing.