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Sunday, August 06, 2023

South Scrimmages Cincinnati Country Day


The Twin Valley South Panthers saw some preseason action in their 1st scrimmage under new headcoach Brian Butts. The TVS Varsity scored 3 times and CCD varsity scored twice. The TVS running game was in good shape. Those backs are running down hill and they rarely were brought down on 1st contact. Blocking was good, I thought CCD had bigger kids overall, but South was able to create running lanes. The passing game was spotty at best - but it is still preseason. They probably attempted a dozen or more passes, but only completed maybe a handful. Having said that - their last TD was through the air. 

South ran a double wing offense and also a 2 back offense.  They switched back and forth. 

Defense seemed to bend at times, but got tough in the redzone. The CCD offense spread out the field and ran sets with a single back for the most part. Depending on the situation, they would go to an open backfield or a 2 back formation.  They did a good job of mixing the run and pass.  One of the ref's remarked to me that the two teams were evenly matched, it would have been good to see them play a regular game. I agree with him, it was a good matchup.  Depending on how each team fares in the regular season, they are in the same district so there would be a chance of them meeting in the post season.

 CCD scored twice on the TVS JV's, but they did not have enough kids to field a complete JV squad. So the TVS JV's were pretty much playing the CCD varsity during the series that they were in.