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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congrats to Franklin Monroe for carrying the banner for the CCC deep into the playoffs. They were finally knocked off in the Regional finals by Houston. They only had one loss in the regular season, so an exceptional season for the Jets. Proving once again that the CCC is strong in basketball.

Geeze this Tressel deal at Ohio State. Lots of pressure on the head coach to win at a school like OSU where the fans are many and are fervent. To me the violation is one of those ticky tack things. Why can't players sell playoff rings and memorabilia? It's their property. I guess that I can see the autograph deal being a problem. Anyway rules are rules whether or not you agree with them. But I think that Tressel looked the other way because he was potentially going to lose a lot of talent for X amount of games. But getting caught after the fact may put a damper on what I thought could be a Championship season. Pryor will be a senior next year. Decent talent returning, but with this turmoil it will be hard for the team to focus.

How is everyone's brackets looking? Gotta brag I am in 10th place out of 107 people in my pool. Even though I blew Louisville - but then who saw that coming. I did have Pittsburgh being the first number season to crash and burn - albeit one round later. Anyway I have a habit of sprinting out early but getting it wrong in the later rounds and crashing and burning myself. Ohio State is running away from George Mason right now - just so that they make it to the final 4, but no further...

Rumor has it that Shondelmeyer is leaving TVS as football coach. He had a good run at Arcanum where the right coach with the right group of kids made it to the playoffs. Tried to fill the shoes of a legend at Versailles and just couldn't match up to the success that the Tigers had in the past. Never really got much traction at TVS. Used the pass sparingly and used the double wing offense for a run dominated attack. But who is going to take over now? It would be nice to have Cottingim again, but I am not sure he wants to do the duties of principal and head coach again. Doing it all takes lots of time. So then they will just have to find a young coach willing to come to a small school for experience and hope that he catches fire.