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Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28th Sports Blog - Can you feel it?

Can you  feel it?  This weeks abnormally cool temps makes you think of fall.  And fall in Ohio means football. Looking forward to another season of high school, college, and professional football. There will be a new division this fall for Ohio as they have expanded the number of divisions. So even more teams will now have a shot at the playoffs.  Ohio State should have another shot at an undefeated season - if they can keep their players out of the jailhouse.  Lots of off field antics have put some starters in jeopardy.  Bengals seem primed for a good season.  Browns still have to pull themselves off the floor, but at this point in the season - they are all winners.

The Master of Starting Over (CCC Football)

Bengals Training Camp Kickoff

Cav's Reach Title Game

AJ Green Twists Knee (Bengals)

Meyer Furious Over Turmoil (Buckeyes)

Red's Outfielder Headed to Dayton

Butler Football Golf Scramble

Bengals Set for Another Round of Hard Knocks

Elks Send 5 to Nationals

Travel Fastpitch team holding tryouts

Tri-Village Team Wins Little League Championship

History Will be Key as Middies Hire New Coach (Basketball)

Eaton 9-10 Team goes 2-1 in Tournament

Browns - Major Changes to Defense

Micah to Join Brother at OSU (Wrestling)