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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Test Results.

On Friday it was posted that several teams had some big games this weekend. Some stepped up, others... well didn't do so hot.

Bengals F What a way to open at home. Offense can't seem to find a spark. Team seems disoriented and unfocused. Wear a trash bag and a paper bag - you don't want any one to figure out that you are rooting for them.

OSU F Moved the ball in the first half but only had three points to show for all that yardage and time of possession. And in the second half, USC knew that they would be playing catchup and blitzed the bejeebers out of Boeckman. The backup was more mobile, but hard to say how good of an arm he has. So does Tressel pack it in this season and let the youngster start and prep for next season. He should but probably won't - loyal to his seniors.

Dixie B They stepped up to the challenge after a lousy first quarter. But QB Nick Worley was seriously injured in this game. Next week they go against Brookville who is also undefeated.

South B Won in OT against Bethel. Evened up their season. Another tough test awaits as they face Covington on this coming Friday.

Miami East A+ Top of the class this week. And so long as they don't relax, top of the CCC. Had a great first half and held off Covington for a convincing win.