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Friday, July 17, 2009

Well I must confess that I have been busy with a new job, etc. So I have taken a hiatus from sports. But things are leveling off and so I can start devoting more time. I have been adding links to local sports content on my Sports web page so that fans who want to keep up with the area news can do so.

Reds - Not off to a good second half, a young team with lots of injuries. A good team should finish around .500. If they can keep that pitching staff intact and add a bat or two, they could do some damage.

Bengals - The best thing that could happen for this team is this - sometime during training camp a group of Bengals takes Chad Johnson behind the dumpster and give him a good thumping. That should shut his mouth. On paper they should be an improved team. Defensively and on offense. But you have the Mike Brown factor, he could ruin a 2 car funeral - but he would find a way to make a profit off of it...

CCC - It is no secret that the CCC had a down year last season. 1-9 on opening day, ouch! But look at what you had - coaching changes for the majority of teams. A perfect storm (with the exception of league winning Miami East) of weak senior classes. So young teams with new coaches is not a recipe for success. But a lot of coaches were able to lay down a foundation for this season. South returns almost everyone, Covington lost only 6 seniors, Ansonia returns a majority of their players and on down the line. I only know of one or two coaching changes, so there is continuity. Last year the CCC was laughed about, but this year I see the league will be much improved as a whole.

I predict a winning record for the CCC on opening day. I predict a dog fight for first place. The Buccs will be competing, Ansonia can lay a claim, Miami East says we graduated a lot, but our backfield returns a lot of yards. I wouldn't be surprised for South and Arcanum be in the hunt. There will be a lot coming back and we will see some real grid iron battles this fall.

Ansonia - returns a good young QB and some strength at running back. They perform well year and year out thanks to coach Hoening. Last season was a winning one and I can't see them faltering this year.

Arcanum - Coming off a winning season with their coach. The Trojans have a strong tradition, rarely do their teams have a losing season. Look for them to be in the mix.

Bethel - Another team that should be better adjusted to their coach. Heard that they have some good linemen. They usually have good backs. We'll see if they can improve on last years record.

Bradford - Railroader football has been struggling this decade. Their current coach is trying to right the ship. I haven't heard anything to indicate that they will do much better than a win or two.

Covington - Returns almost everyone from a playoff team. Have heard that Millers Father will be helping the team. That is pretty much like having two head coaches for your squad. Reports are that the weight room is very well attended. Look for a big strong squad that will be the team to beat once again. Will this be the year that the CCC beats a team from that league up North???

Miami East - They were the beast from the East last season. Graduated a ton of seniors from a playoff team. But return a good backfield. With any blocking, this team could be back in the mix again this season.

Mississenewa Valley - Will they stay respectable or backslide? Another team that is adjusting to new coaching with the loss of Graher.

National Trail - And speaking of the loss of Graher, this is where he ended up. He took the Black Hawks from a team that saw more homecoming parades than anyone else, to respectablity and their first playoffs. If anyone can turn around the CCC doormat Trail Blazers, this is the man. I am not expecting miracles, but I expect Trail to begin the trip to respectability this fall.

Tri County North - I remember some big linemen that lost their stamina, some talent in the backfield, and yet another CCC team with a new coach, Hart. They have had a year to improve on strength and stamina and also they now know the new system. I look for them to be better this year.

Twin Valley South - The same linemen have pretty much been playing together since they were sophomores. They return experience at all positions. If my memory is right they had none or at most 1 or 2 seniors last year. A decent quarterback, speed and strength in the backfield (Thunder and Lightening???). Returning a lot at the skill positions on both sides of the ball. Word is that there is decent attendance in the weight room. Could be a sleeper team that sneaks up on everyone this year. This will be their second year under Shondlemeyer so that will be a plus for them as well.