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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Arcanum Sweeps 503

The Arcanum Lady Trojans ended 2016 on a winning note with back to back league wins against both the North and South Panther teams – since both teams are also on 503, Arcanum was able to rule the rural route after the 2nd victory. They had an overwhelming win against Tri-County North 77-25. But after a holiday layoff and just a single practice to prepare for South they had to work a little harder to get that second win on the road. South proved to be a small, but scrappy team. Arcanum did break the game open in the last half of the 3rd quarter and got some separation and pulled ahead for a 57-34 win.

Arcanum  15  14  15  13  57
TVS          7  12   7    8  34

Arcanum Scoring: Stevie Johnting 21, Madi O'Daniel 12, Gracie Garno 5, Brittany Kinney 5, McKenzie Sharritts 5, Macey Hartman 4, Kayla O'Daniel 3, Camille Pohl 2, Siculan 2

TVS Scoring: Mylan Crews 14, Kelsie Shafer 8, Abby Robertson 4, Alyssa Clark 4, Abby Bingham 2, Taylor Bowers 2.

Comments: The Panthers stayed within 10 of a tough Arcanum team in the first-half, before the Trojans ran away with the game at the end of the 4th. Stevie Johnting led the Trojans with 21 points and Mylan Crews led the Panthers with 14.

---; Read entire story at the Daily Advocate ---

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

South Loses Close One on the Road

Stivers  10  7  9  12  38
TVS      12  6  5  14  37

Stivers Scoring: Emily Fletcher 15, Korryn Millerton 12, Niasia Matlock 5, Maya Randolph 3, Courtney Taylor 2

TVS Scoring: Mylan Crews 16, Emily Hutchings 10, Kelsie Shafer 5, Sydney Vorhis 2, Madison Johnson 2, Abby Robertson 2 (TVS Record 2-6)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trail Over South

National Trail  13  3  22  9   47
TVS                2  8   6   5   21

National Trail Scoring: J Byrd 14, P Laird 10, M Laird 9, E Byrd 6, K Patrum 4, D Werner 2, H Baker 2, 

Twin Valley South Scoring: Mylan Crews 4, Madison Johnson 4, Evelyn Woodgeard 4, Abby Robertson 3, Kelsie Shafer 2, Alyssa Clark 2, Shelby Denlinger 2

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dixe Inside Game Too Much for South

After sparring for the first part of the game, Dixie started working the ball inside and grew a lead.  Defensively the Greyhounds generated turnovers in the 2nd quarter and that fed into a run where Dixie held South scoreless for the entire 2nd quarter and scored 11.  Both teams used some zone and man to man during the night. And South did try to press late to attempt a comeback. But they were not able to make a serious challenge.

At halftime it was 21-6 Dixie.  South did not score until about midway through the 3rd quarter.  So Dixie's defense held them scoreless for about a quarter and a half.  At the end of 3 quarters it was 29-13 Dixie and by games end it was 39-28 when South made a late run to close the scoring gap.

The biggest difference for Dixie in the game was denying South any open shots inside and South was cold shooting from the perimeter. Faith Russell had a good night for Dixie in the post.  Meanwhile Dixie was able to work the ball inside or drive to the hoop and score from close to the basket on offense.

Dixie Scoring: Creamer 10, Russell 10, Ruppert 9, Harlow 6, Kilbarger 2, Landis 2

TVS Scoring: Crews 13, Shafer 12, Hutchings 2, Johnson 1

Thursday, December 08, 2016

South Girls Struggle against Miami East

Miami East                         17  22  12   17   68
Twin Valley South               3     4    8    7    22

Miami East Scoring: B.Miller 17, Kinnison 16, Howard 12, C.Miller 7, Mack 5, E.Hawkins 5, G.Hawkins 4, Nehring 
2, Hunley 1

TVS Scoring: Crews 7, Johnson 6, Hutchings 3, Shafer 2, Denlinger 1
TVS Record (2-3)

Monday, December 05, 2016

South Girls Even Record at 2-2 With Win Over Jefferson

Twin Valley South   14 20  12   9    55 
Jefferson                 8  13  11  13    45

Twin Valley South Scoring: Shafer 16, Hutchings 14, Crews 9, Johnson 8, Bingham 4, Denlinger 2, Woodard 2
(Record 2-2)

 South set a single-game team school record with 26 steals and Junior Guard Mylan Crews set a new single game school record with 14 steals.

Friday, December 02, 2016

South Slammed by Covington

South girls drop one one the road at Covington. 

Covington             20 27 17 16   80 
Twin Valley South  4   7   6  12   29

Sunday, November 27, 2016

South Girls Open Season

South girls opened their season with a win and loss in the SWBL vs CCC season kickoff that was hosted by Carlisle this year. 

Twin Valley South  14  32  47   51
Northridge              6    7   15  26 

TVS Scoring: Crews 11, Hutchings 10, Shafer 9, Bingham 6, Robertson 6, Vorhis 4, Woodgeard 3, Denlinger 2 (Record 1-0)

Northridge Scoring: Johnson 17, Rettig 3, Smith 2, George 2, Allison 2 (Record 0-1)

TVS point guard Mylan Crews led the Panthers in scoring for their season opener with 11 points, while Kelsie Shafer brought down 15 rebounds. 

Saturday, November 26th @ Carlisle

Twin Valley South  35
Carlisle                 65

TVS Scoring: Shafer 13, Crews 11, Johnson 3, Woodgeard 3, Hutchings 3, Robertson 2 (Record 1-1)

Carlisle Scoring: Harris 23, Whaley 12, Parrish 11, Glover 6, Gilbert 5, Stewart 2, Weist 2, O'Bryan 2, Moore 2 (Record 2-0)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trojans Stopped by Spartans

After getting off to a rocky start where they allowed the Spartans to go on a 11-1 run, the Trojans requited themselves and went on a run of themselves to win the first set 25-23. After that neither team went on such a big run, but it was a grind it out kind of match. In the last 3 games Waynesville seemed to do a better job of getting a 'set, set, spike'. Arcanum seemed to be playing on their heels a lot of the time and generally played catch up to Waynesville lead for the most part. The last 3 sets were all Waynesville 25-18, 25-20, 25-23.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tigers in Tournament Groove

The Versailles Tigers volleyball team are no strangers to post season play – they are perennially making deep tournament runs in the state tournament. But even with 4 seniors on the roster, the team seemed a little disjointed in their opening set against CCC foe Bethel. The Bee's came into the game with a first round win over Brookville – so they had some momentum walking onto the court. The Tigers were clearly the better team in the first set, but it took that first set to get the opening round of tournament jitters out of the way and get into a strong tournament groove. The Tigers got that first set out of the way 25-16, and went on to dominate the second set with strong front line play – 25-9. And even with liberal substitutions in the last set, the Tigers dispatched the Bee's 25-12.

Read story in its entirety at this link to the DailyAdvocate

Monday, October 10, 2016

North - South Soccer Tie

 Senior captain Abby Creech and senior captain Sophie Cottingim took control of the defense and made it very difficult for North to get into a rhythm let alone get very few shots off on goal. The only goal came off of Abby Creech's corner cake with Ava Watts and Mikaela Meyer's distracting the defense and goalie causing an own goal. Next up is Bethel for Senior night

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Tri-Village Homecoming a Success

After 2 heartbreaking losses, the Patriots were needing to get back in the win column. They had lost to Covenant Christian by just 1 point and then lost to Gamble Montessori (#8 in the district) by 6. So they were close, winnable games but the Patriots had fallen just short in both games. Coach Shondlemeyer would later remark that the outcome of just 3 plays made the difference, the team could easily have been 5-2 instead of 3-4. Their homecoming game was against Dohn Academy from Cincinnati. The Patriots made the most of their first ever homecoming with a resounding 37-8 win. And the homecoming event was unique in that the homecoming court rode into the stadium on Jeepsters, making it even more noteworthy. For the record, the first ever football king and queen for the Patriots homecoming were Jonny Wilson and Taylor Pearson – a legacy that they can keep forever.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

South Soccer Update

Twin Valley South defeated league opponent National Trail 10-0 Thursday night at home.  Jacob Wells had a hat trick (3 goals), Daniel Page, Jesse Woods, and Zach Guehring all had 2 goals apiece and Travis Lovely also scored.  Bryant Marker had 3 assists and Aaron Clark, Travis Lovely, and Jacob Wells all had 1 assist.  Coach Young, "It felt good to get back on track against Trail with a win.  We had lost a couple games in a row, so it was nice to get back in the winning column.  We had a couple game stretch where we had some games I thought we should have won, but we didn't get any breaks and some of the games we didn't show up ready to play.  The CCC has been a really competitive conference this year in boys’ soccer and anyone can beat anyone on any given night.  For my team it really comes down to mental preparation.  I feel that if we go into a game mentally prepared and play as a team we can hang with any team in the league.  But we also have had those games where I feel we don't even show up to the field like our Newton game.  I still think we are continuing to get better.  I really do not think we have hit our potential yet.  We still 3 league games so anything can happen there.  One of our other goals was to go above .500 and we still have a chance to do that.  So even though the season is starting to dwindle down, we still have a lot that we want to accomplish and we will keep working hard to reach our goals."

South girls tied, their score was National Trail 1 TVS 1. Scoring was Ava Watts on an unassisted goal.   

BlackHawks Dropped by Panthers

After watching a winless Arcanum team dismantle South last week, Mississinawa Valley was hoping to repeat that performance and get their first win of the season. But a resolved South team took it to the BlackHawks and quickly put any hopes of an upset to rest. When you run a spread offense and have to start a young team, a slick field is not something that you want to deal with. Turnovers would be a major factor on the night. The Panthers have a decent running game and they used that to keep the Black Hawk offense on the sidelines. They were able to grind out yardage in the teeth of the BlackHawk defense and churn out a 45-14 win.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Arcanum Runs Over South

A winless Trojan football team manhandled the Twin Valley South Panthers who entered the game at 2-2. The Trojans opened the season with 4 tough teams on their schedule. They were competitive in most of these game, but just came up short. But they mauled the Panthers with a smothering defense and a running attack that seemed to get stronger as the game went on. Daniel Coats and Brandon Kinney had big nights for the Trojans, but coach Stephan let it be know that the running game starts with the line and they had a big night too. The backs can't get to the 2nd level of the defense unless the line clears the 1st level. It was a close game in the first quarter with Arcanum up just 7-0. But they would end up running away with the game 33-3.