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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Big Plays by Northridge Puts Away Covington


The youthful Covington Buccaneer football played with the Northridge Polar Bears for about a half. The Polar Bears had a big play offense that the Bucc's just could not keep up with.  Covington kept themselves within striking distance for most of the 1st half, but they could not consistantly stop the Polar Bear offense and the Polar Bear defense shut out the Buccs in the 2nd half.

Northridge scored 1st on a 66 yard catch by Brandon Thomas. Covington quickly answered with a big play of their own on the ensuing kickoff as they did a reverse and Daylynn Garret took the ball 82 yards to the house.  Covington made their extra point and briefly held the lead.

Dorreyan Davis found Ja'dynn Martin on a 44 yard completion for a touchdown to put the Polar Bears back on top.  But the Covington team was able to respond again and Garret caught a Landin Cassel pass for a 12 yard touchdown catch.  Early on the two teams were playing even.  It was the big plays of Northridge against the methodical Covington offense.

The 1st time Covington went for it on 4th down, they made it and went on to score a TD.  The team went for it again on a 4th and 5 and this time Northridge stopped them. Once again that big play offense went to bat and Brandon Thomas made a 66 yard catch that put the ball on the 6 yard line where Davis ran the ball in to put Northridge up 22-14.

Covington gave up another big play just before halftime when Tie'on Hill scored from midfield.  It had been a one score game, but now they were down 28-14 at the break.  Coming out at halftime, Northridge had the momentum and the ball.

Both teams had problems holding onto that ball in the 2nd half.  But Northridge seemed to be able to capitalize on the opportunities, while the Covington offense had problems putting together a consistent drive - either a turnover or a penalty would stop their offense.  Covington's Eli Brooks had a fumble recovery and Jordan Miller had an interception.  Meanwhile Northridge's Thomas had 2 interceptions and Hill had 1.  One of Thomas's interceptions ended a Covington drive that had gone to the 14 yard line.

The Polar Bear defense made some big plays too with timely sacks and interceptions to end Buccaneer drives.  Meanwhile the offense kept playing the same tune in the 2nd half.  Chris Evans had a 77 yard touchdown and Emilio Blythe had a 27 yard touchdown run to end the scoring.  It would be a 44-14 Northridge win.

Next week Covington travels to Milton Union and Northridge will host Bethel.

Game pics at Media Fire