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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Count Down to Kick Off in the CCC

Well the season is nigh.  A lot of changes coaching wise in the CCC this season.  National Trail has ridden a wave over the last few seasons and with their spread offense they surprised a lot of people.  This season Randy Kerns is returning to his school to coach.  But he will have his work cut out for him with only one senior.  Word is that the team is going back to a more run oriented offense.

Bradford is going to have football this season.  After scrapping their program last year due to a lack of interest, they will resume playing a varsity schedule this season under their new coach Hyatt.  However, several CCC schools dropped them already, so they will not be playing a CCC schedule this year.  Many CCC schools went ahead and scheduled Troy Christian or another school in place of Bradford.  Next year Bradford will be fully back into the CCC in football, but this season will be spent just getting back up to speed as a varsity program.

Mississenewa Valley is also going a new direction.  Coach Graher, who got the Black Hawks to the play offs their only time, is stepping down.    So likewise they will be under new leadership - coach Baker. So there seems to be a movement to younger coaches this season.

Look for Covington to be back in the mix this go around. Last year they had just a few seniors but managed to barely make their way to the playoffs.  Word is that they have a good bunch of seniors and to look for the Bucc's to be back in the mix for the CCC title.  They do not have the depth that they have had in earlier years so that could be factor if very many key players are injured.

Miami East and North have shown that they can reload.  North ran the table in the CCC last year and although they have a good crop of seniors, it will be tough to repeat last years performance. Miami East returns starters on both sides of the ball - 4 of which were all-conference.  A team to watch out for is Arcanum.  After several so-so seasons they have a decent sized group of seniors and a lot of their line returning.  So they might shoulder their way into the running too.

Ansonia returns some starters, but they have a thin roster.  So there is not much depth.  And Bethel likewise has a light roster and not many starters back.  So the Bee's could have a long season.  South graduated a good class of kids this past year.  They have a new starting quarterback and running back.  And injuries have plagued the team in the early going.  How successful they are may depend up on keeping players on the field and out of the training room. They have the talent to have a decent campaign, but like any of the small schools in the CCC injuries can quickly decimate a team as these schools just don't have the depth of a larger school.

There is a new team coming to the CCC.  Tri-Village announced in the off season that they are  playing a JV football schedule this year. With the intention of joining the CCC in football by 2018.  Coach Schondelmyer is no stranger to the CCC, he coached at both Arcanum and TVS.  If the past is any indication, look for a team that emphasizes the run. This year they will begin playing many of the CCC schools at the JV and junior high level.

A big thing for the CCC will be having a strong showing with their out of conference schedule. Getting the extra computer points from those games will help teams muscle their way into the playoffs.