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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hounds Outpaced in Second Half by Indians

The Dixie Greyhounds played well for a half against the Carlisle Indians.  At the break it was tied 7-all; AJ Shockey scored Dixie's 1st TD on a short run. It was a rainy, miserable night for passing the ball.  And using the pass is something the Greyhounds have used often in previous games.  Although they scored on a 60 yard pass play in the second half from Devin Worley to Dakota Grice, that pass was a wounded duck that Grice was just able to pull down.   It was 43-13 at the end of the night. 

Dixie did come close to scoring a 2nd time late in the first half, but Carlisles defense held firm on 4th and 3 inside their own 10 yard line.  AJ Shockey came close to tackling DJ Chambers in the endzone for safety on their possesion, but the loss did put the ball on the 1 line yard line where Carlisle had to punt.  It was not a a good punt,but a critical Dixie penalty moved the ball back from about the 35 yard line to midfield - making a hail mary pass even harder to make. And Dixie failed at their 2nd chance with seconds left on the clock.

In the second half Dixie had several 3 and outs on offense, and their defense could not contain Carlisles explosive running attack spearheaded by DJ Chambers. They never got into a rhythm with the pass. In other games Dixie has been able to go to the pass when needed to loosen up defenses. But under the slick conditions, it was hard for either team to handle the ball.  The Indians had one possession where they fumbled 2 plays in a row, losing the ball the 2nd time to Austin Guerhing.  But Dixie could not take advantage of the turnover.

The Indians even had a successful onside kick as Dixie seemingly could not get back on track.  Gamers to the end Dixie tried to go for a 1st down deep in the their own territory on a 4th and 7 but failed, giving Carlisle another easy score. So Dixie ends their season at 5-5. Despite the win, it appears that Carlisle will just miss the playoffs as they are unofficially ranked at number 9 in their region.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dayton Area High School Football Oct. 23+

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