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Friday, October 01, 2010

South took one on the chin from Covington. The Buccs scored on their first three possessions in the first quarter as they went on to rout the Panthers. Their offense was crisp and precise with the run. Not so smooth with the pass. Which could hurt them in the playoffs. The Panther offense was able to move the ball at times. But penalties and fumbles ended drives in the first half. The Panthers put it all together in the 3rd quarter and finally found the endzone. The Panthers were without Steve Balthis which hurt them on both sides of the ball. Although I don't see his presence making a difference in the outcome.

The Buccs scored on special teams too. Returning a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns. Without the services of Balthis's toe, the Panthers resorted to a quick kick from a running formation on 4th down. On the other side of the ball, the Buccs seemed to punt OK, but they need someone to kick a bit deeper. The coverage was good on the kickoffs, which made up for the lack of distance on the kickoffs.

On the other hand, I saw that North upset Miami East. I saw their close score earlier in the season against Covington and figured that maybe they played a whale of a game and Covington was looking past them. It looks like North is for real.

So the upcoming North - South game will be interesting. Will North be overconfident after their upset win, maybe let down against South? Will South get Balthis back - he is a big help on both offense and defense.

Oh and speaking of play offs, I can't see any D5 schools in the CCC making it this year. With so many D6 schools in the conference, you can only have 1 loss at most. I don't it happening this season.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

As the 2010 season comes to a close, the American Junior Golf Association recognizes outstanding junior golfers and their achievements over the past year. Below, please find a press release announcing Hubert Heights native Michael Bernard as a 2010 HP Scholastic Junior All-American.

The HP Scholastic Junior All-America team honors 12 young men and 12 young women who demonstrate the ability to excel both on the golf course and in the classroom.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twin Valley South was aggressive with their front line against league rival Covington this past week. Despite the Buccaneers deploying a taller front line, South was able to set up some nice kills. Although South won the match, it was not in straight sets as Covington refused to lose easy and fought back. And the South team had an extra player in a boisterous home town crowd that was loud and proud throughout the match.

The first set would foretell the rest of the night. South took a lead, but Covington stayed on their heels – nipping away at the lead until late in the match where they tied South 21 all. Coach Roberts took a time out to set things right and several points later Laura Ingram, in another trend for the night, put the match away with a vicious spike for the game point. So South would win a close set 25-23.
The second set was a runaway for South. Covington took two time outs to try and stop the hemorrhaging, but South had an 11-2 lead at the 2nd timeout and Covington never did recover. They had problems handling South serves, and were making too many mental mistakes. They made a short run, but South easily put them away 25-14 to go up 2-0 over the Bucc’s.

Covington played with resolve in the third set. Taking an early lead until South woke up and battled back. And as it had happened in the first match, South then set the pace and Covington stayed on their heels. But this time, Covington tied the set at 24 all which woke up the visitor side of the stands and got them in the game. South had a mental lapse – letting the ball hit the ground on the ensuing serve, and giving up the winning point on poor play. Critical mistakes at a key point in the match allowed Covington to win this set 26-24.

For a volleyball match, the stands were about as loud as I have heard them for the start of the 4th set. A loose but purposeful South team gradually quieted down the visitors side as they started the set with a 6-0 run. They did allow the Bucc’s to catch up when they made some mistakes and let them close the gap 12-10. The Panthers composed themselves and went on another run thanks to aggressive play at the net. Sizzling spikes sliced thru the Covington defense. They did allow the Bucc’s to draw close yet again late in this set. South seemed to stall out and Covington inched back and closed the gap 21-19. South caught their breath and went on finish strong to close out the set and win the match 25-20.

After the match coach Roberts was asked if she was disappointed that the team didn’t win in straight sets. “ We were up 24-17 at one point in the third set. I was extremely disappointed that we couldn’t put them away and I let the team know that. We needed to step it up defensively at the net and not allow so many touches by Covington. “ Next she was asked about the team keeping their composure even as Covington tried to rally: “They are learning to focus on the next point, not the one that just happened. We don’t want them to just let things slide, but we don’t want them stone faced either.”

Next she was asked to comment on the play of the front line, “Laura [Ingram] and Taylor [Baker] played the roles of Batman and Robin tonight "The Dynamic Duo." They came out offensively stronger than any match in the past. We need them to do this consistently match in, match out.”

South also had wins against Bellbrook and Bethel this week – winning in straight sets each time. Asked to respond, coach Roberts stated, “It has been a total team effort this week. Everyone looks at the attackers, but we had players with digs and sets that got the ball in play for us. The role players really did well this week. “

Stats provided by the TVS coaching staff: TVS vs Bellbrook: Jordan Hickey 30 assists
Laura Ingram 15 digs and 12 kills ; Taylor Baker and Emily Froment 8 kills each;
Katherine Leach 2 aces, 11 of 11 on serve receive, with 7 digs, 3 assists, 3 saves and 7 kills.

TVS vs Covington: Laura Ingram 3 aces, 8 digs and 18 kills;Taylor Baker 2 aces, 15 kills and 2 solo blocks; Kim Perry 23 digs 2 saves; Emily Burge stepped up defensively going 22 of 23 on serve receive with 20 digs and a block assist with Emily Froment who was 100 percent off of serve with an ace, 8 digs and 4 kills. Katherine Leach chipped in with 2 aces, 6 digs and 5 kills.

TVS vs Bethel: Jordan Hickey 3 aces, 8 digs and 20 assists; Taylor Baker 11 kills; Emily Froment 8 kills; Kim Perry 15 digs; Katherine Leach 9 digs and 4 kills; Angela Nushawg 3 digs; Laura Ingram 4 digs and 4 kills;
Emily Burge chipped in with 6 digs and 6 kills.

Upcoming matches: 9/27 at Preble Shawnee, 9/28 at Ansonia, 9/30 w/ Tri Village, 10/4 w/ Arcanum, 10/5 at Newton. Reminder October 14th at 5:30PM VOLLEY FOR THE CURE MATCH between Bradford and TVS breast cancer awareness, education, door prizes, raffles, serving contest and breast cancer survivor story. All proceeds from the event to go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. To make an online donation visit Thank you in advance for your support!