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Friday, December 07, 2018

Arcanum, Greenville, Bradford Recaps and Pics

Arcanum Wins Season Opener
Arcanum came out of the gates strong under the helm of their new head coach Jim Melton. They initially shot well on their home court and were strong on defense too. They didn't allow a score until the 2nd quarter. The team was able to translate defense into offense with many steals being converted into baskets at the other end of the court. Greenville could not manage a serious challenge in response and would eventually fall 55-29.    

Story at Daily Advocate

Bradford Offense Stalls
Bradford played fairly even with the Miami Valley Rams in the 1st half and were within striking distance at half time. At that point, the teams seemed evenly matched and it seemed that Bradford had a chance. But they came out of the gate stone cold in the 2nd half and the Rams, who had floundered in the 1st half, found their groove in the 2nd half and gradually ground out a lead. The Railroaders never did establish themselves on offense and with several players in foul trouble, it was hard to be aggressive on defense. They would fall to the Rams 51-25.

Story at Daily Advocate

Greenville Searching for Offense
The Greenville girls basketball team showed brief flashes of the team that they could be against Butler. But they did not play consistently and that was their downfall as they had 1 quarter where they played even against the Aviators. But it is a 4 quarter game and they could not muster enough points in the other 3 quarters to keep up and they eventually fell 38-19.

Story at Daily Advocate

Pictures from all of these games can be found at:

Game Pics

Come back for summary and pics from the Arcanum v. TCN game.