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Sunday, December 14, 2008

CCC boys: Out of the chute it looks like Bethel and Miami East are the teams to beat. The rest of the teams will be in a dog fight for third place. Twin Valley South has no seniors this year, but still should do well. Trail is in a rebuilding mode with a new coach and inexperienced players. North is off to a slow start, that program is a hard one to get right. Not much height and so they will need to be a scrappy team to get victories. Covington is also off to a surprising slow start as well.

CCC Girls: I just don't see any team in the CCC good enough to beat Miami East. North should do well. They have some height for a change and good guards. Even though they have a first year coach in Music, they should have a winning record this year and if the cards fall right they could challenge for second place. Trail is a team on the rebound. After years of being the cellar, they are off to a strong start. Again a team with height and decent guards, they will surprise a lot of teams this winter. South is a team of guards this winter. Like the North boys team, they will need to be scrappy and play tough defense to get their wins. They should finish in the top of the heap at seasons end.

Buckeyes: The match up with Texas should be a good one. Colt McCoy is a senior now - the first time that McCoy played the Buckeyes he was a freshman. The Longhorns will have a chip on their shoulder as they feel that they should have been playing for number one in the BCS. The Buckeyes will be playing for pride. Can Tressel get the team fired up for this game? This long layoff from the end of the season to the bowl game has plagued them in the past.

Bengals: When is the last game? Isn't it about time for the punishment to stop? Carson Palmer's arm is supposed to be OK. But it would be wise to sit him on the sideline and just save him from getting injured again this year.

Browns: I see more upside for the Browns than the Bengals for next season. Winslow has repented. Quinn will be mended by next year.