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Friday, May 24, 2013

Time off

Well folks I took some time off for my wife who has thyroid cancer. She goes back into surgery in June.  But I am going to resume posting highlights here to keep the site alive.  It has been nice to have some time off and  take a break.

TVS is searching for a new football coach. Lance Engleka's position was eliminated with the failure of the levy and so he is being released.  South was hoping to have someone else before the end of the school year but no announcements as of yet.

The latest competitive balance proposal by OSHAA was voted down.  I think that they are making the formulas too complicated and then penalizing schools for being successful. Something about that doesn't seem right.  If I run a successful program and my kids work harder in the off season than my competitors then my reward is to be moved up to a bigger division?  I wonder if they will try a new direction - separate public and private school playoffs?

Hal McCoy - do you know this man?  (Reds)

Minster Bounced by Crestview (baseball)

Bellbrook and Beavercreek compete at Districts (track)

Three no charm for Bellbrook against ValleyView (fastpitch)

Arcanum Mounts comeback for Win (baseball)

Franklin-Monroe wins 12 Inning Game (fastpitch)

Brookville knocks Arcanum out of tournament (fastpitch)

Ansonia Beats Bradford (fastpitch)