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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dixie Wins at Shawnee
J. C. Tilton

The Dixie boys track team put it all together at the Preble Shawnee Invitational. The team had been beset by injuries. But on Friday they showed what they could do with the team at almost full strength. From talking with the other coaches it seems like the team that healed the best, did the best. The Greyhound team did this with a lot of strength in the speed events and showed that with top finishes in all the races that were 400m and lower. Dixie was lead by the following top performers: Billy Hauser finished 2nd and 3rd in the 100m and 200m dashes. Doogie Hauser was 3rd in the 400m dash. DeAaron Isaac was 1st and 2nd in the 300m hurdles and 110 hurdles. 4X100m team 3rd. 4X200m team 2nd. 4X400m team 2nd. Discus Mike Smiley 2nd.

Winning Coach Jack Sturgill of Dixie was happy to have his team back at close to full strength. “We are doing a lot better, we have some people healed up. Our top sprinter, Billy Hauser, is back with us. Our throwers are doing well now and our jumping has improved with kids coming back from injury. The team seems be peaking right now. We still haven’t had a full team yet. This meet is the only meet we had this week – and that was good for us. It gave everyone a chance to get healed.”

He continued, “This meet Mike Smiley threw 127 feet in the discus – the best he has ever thrown as did Greg Koth who threw a personal best 116 feet. DeAaron Isaacs did well for us in the hurdles. Next week we have a little meet at Northridge, then Friday we host a 6 team meet with some good competition – I am looking forward to that.”

The Tri County North track coach was asked about his week, “We did OK despite the injuries. Bridgett Jones, Cameron Gayhart, Billy Shrever among others were out. This hurt our relay teams, its kind of a skeleton crew that we are working with. When you have a small school and you lose a few, it really hurts. But we are hoping to get everyone back and make a strong showing at the CCC league meet. The girls finished 4th and the boys finished 5th at the Preble County meet. Myranda Schoen did well at that meet placing in the sprints as well as the shot and discus, Makayla Conley scored in the 800, as did Abbey Schlater.”

South girls track coach Mabry was likewise asked about this week, “At the Preble County meet, I thought that we did well. We lost some steam at the end, in the beginning we were up there – actually in 1st place for a while. In the end, the lack of depth hurt us. Jess Hickey had a real good race in the 100m dash and the 4X200m relay team won. We scored 3 places in the long jump, 3 in the 400m - in about every event we competed in, we placed.”

Coach Mabry went on to say, “We only have one senior and a lot of young kids are getting experience. I told the girls that if everyone did their best maybe we could get second, but if did poorly we could end up 4th or even 5th. But they did about what was expected and finished 3rd. We are a little banged up right now. Our hurdler hurt her ankle, Katherine Leach is fighting a hamstring, and Emily Burge has been out. But if your going to get injuries, you hope to get them now, not for league and district.”

TVS coach Fahrenholtz’s team was 2nd at the Preble Meet and 4th at the Shawnee Invitational. “Well at the Preble County meet we were missing the baseball players and others were out due to injury, but we still finished runners up which was amazing for being as short handed as we were. Jacob Hemmelgarn competed in the long jump and high jump and won both of those. George Holman won the 1600 and was second in the 800. Jesse Koeller was back from injury and was second in the shot put, he threw over 46’ tonight. Josh Hemmelgarn ran a good 3200. Jordan Krickenbarger cleared 13’ in the pole vault and won so that was a highlight. The 4X800 team did well. It was disappointing because we thought that we could win it this year, but the boys we had really competed well.”

All of the teams have one more week of regular season, the following week will be the league and district championships. As you can see, several of the teams success in the post season will depend up on how quickly that hurt athletes can come back from injury.

Coach Via from Dixie was unavailable for comment.

Local girls team finishes: Brookville 1st, TVS 3rd, TCN 6th, Dixie 8th. Local boys team finishes: Dixie 1st, Brookville 2nd, TVS 4th, TCN 12th.

Top finishers locally: 100m dash Myranda Schoen TCN 1st, Jessica Hickey TVS 2nd, Danielle Sedwick Brookville 4th, Erin Cummins Dixie 5th, Brindy Northcutt Brookvile 7th. 200m dash Brindy Northcutt Brookville 1st, Myranda Schoen TCN 4th, Danielle Sedwick Brookville 5th. 400m dash Makayla Conley TCN 3rd, Abby Voge TVS 5th, Callie Watkins Brookville 6th, Ashton Beneke TVS 7th.

800m run Hayley Glander TVS 1st, Makayla Conley TCN 2nd, Courtney Swink
Brookville 3rd, Abbey Schlater TCN 5th. 1600m run Courtney Swink Brookville 1st, Abbey Schlater TCN 3rd, Emily Mendenhall Brookville 5th, Rachel Hartwig TVS 7th. 3200m run Alissa Mayrer Brookville 2nd, Chelsea Tiley Brookville 3rd, Sarah Star Dixie 3rd.

100m hurdles Kelsey Limbert Brookville 4th, Kristin Hauser Dixie 5th. 300m hurdles Kelsey Limbert Brookville 3rd, Justice Thomas Brookville 3rd, Kristen Hauser Dixie 8th. 4X400m TVS 2nd, Brookville 4th, Dixie 7th. Girls 4X200m TVS 3rd, Dixie 7th, Brookville 8th.

Girls 4X400m relay Brookville 2nd, Dixie 4th, TVS 6th, TCN 8th. 4X800m relay: Brookville 1st, TVS 3rd, Dixie 6th. High Jump Rebekah Stout
Brookville 2nd, Sherry Myers Dixie 3rd, Jordan Hickey TVS 4th, Laura Ingram TVS 5th, Haleigh White Dixie 6th.

Long Jump Rebekah Stout Brookville 2nd, Abby Voge 4th TVS, Katherine Leach TVS 7th. Shotput Elisabeth Wheeler Brookville 1st, Myranda Schoen
TCN 4th, Lainey Linville Brookville 7th. Discus Elisabeth Wheeler Brookville 1st, Adriana Frizell 5th Dixie, Myranda Schoen 6th TCN, MaryAnne King Brookville 7th, Caitlin Highley 8th Eaton.

Boys 100m dash Billy Hauser Dixie 2nd, Nick Lipinski Brookville 6th, Andrew Barnett 7th, David Williams Brookville 8th. 200m dash Billy Hauser
Dixie 3rd, Doogie Hauser Dixie 7th. 400m dash Doogie Hauser Dixie 3rd, Billy Hauser Dixie 5th, Matt Sewell Brookville 8th. 800m run Ethan Leonard Brookville 1st, Sam Bench Brookville 2nd, George Holman TVS 3rd, Tony Combs TVS 7th, Landen Hicks Dixie 8th.

1600m run George Holman TVS 1st, Josh Hemmelgarn TVS 2nd, Doug Cook Brookville 5th, Chad Petitt Dixie 6th. 3200m run Matt Sewell Brookville 1st, Josh Hemmelgarn TVS 2nd, Matt Hangen Brookville 5th, Nick Guerhring
TVS 6th, Chad Petitt Dixie 7th. 110m hurdles DeAaron Isaac Dixie 2nd, Jon Nguyen Dixie 4th, Charlie Newsome Brookville 5th, Tyler Scott Brookville 6th. 300m hurdles DeAaron Isaac Dixie 1st, Jon Nguyen Dixie 6th, Kyle Rutherford Brookville 7th.

4X100m relay Dixie 3rd, Brookville 8th. 4X200m relay Dixie 2nd, TVS 6th. 4X400m Brookville 1st, Dixie 2nd, TVS 8th. 4X800m Brookville 1st, Dixie 4th, TVS 5th, TCN 7th. High Jump: Jacob Hemmelgarn TVS 1st, Landen Hicks Dixie 3rd, Charlie Newsome Brookville 7th, Nick Gillis Brookville 8th.

Long Jump: Nick Lipinski Brookville 5th, Shot Put: Jesse Koeller TVS 1st, Brent Kegley Brookville 5th, Greg Koth Dixie 7th. Discus: Mike Smiley Dixie 2nd, Dylan Steffey TVS 3rd, David Pierce Brookville 4th, Greg Koth Dixie 7th.