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Saturday, August 18, 2007

TVS 5 scores - PS 1. TVS did a good job of mixing the pass and run. Would like to see more consistancy on the passing, but they did well enough to keep Shawnee on their heels. The defense gave the offense good field position. There was one breakdown where Hale got behind the safety and Shawnee's QB hit him in stride and he took it to the house. Other than that drive late in the scrimmage, South dominated. Shawnee had a lot of penalties - including an unsportsmanlike. I think that they got frustrated.

Maleski showed flashes of what he is capable of, he was starting to run downhill later in the scrimmage and also was starting to make people miss with shoulder fakes and lateral moves. Early in the scrimmage it seems like he was tentative, looking for holes and stutter stepping at times. Stone seems to be a more reliable ball carrier this season, and Flynn showed that he can run as well as pass when he has to. Don't know all the names on defense, but I know the one tackle did a great job on pass rushes - must have had 2-3 sacks. Linebacker corp seems to be solid.

TVS vs. Dixie: The grapevine tells me that Dixie is running a more spread out shotgun type offense. Miller is an experienced QB and he has some experienced recievers coming back. So the passing attack is there for Dixie. Both teams have shown that they can score points in scrimmages, but I don't feel that either team has really been tested. It may come down to who has the best defense. Also if the south offense can consume clock time with ball control rushing drives, this will keep the high octane offense of Dixie off the field. Dixie will need to score early and often. If they force South to play catch up and pass the ball more often than they like then this could work to Dixie's advantage as their defense sits back and waits on the pass.

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