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Friday, September 12, 2008

Tests this weekend

Bengals - Is it paper bag time? They performed dismally against Baltimore. The O-line should have been given red capes and little matador hats. The Ravens signing of ex-Bengals offensive lineman Willie Anderson may have been a factor. He knew all the line calls and also knew each linemans weaknesses. The Titans won't have that advantage. Still the Bengals were anemic on offense.

A second loss and fans will start giving away their tickets again. I already heard on the radio that Bengals tickets are selling for below face value in the secondary market like stubhub. Still Mike Brown is laughing all the way to the bank. The franchise has a value of just under a billion (yep with a 'b') dollars.

OSU - After barely beating kissing cousin Ohio University, the buckeyes play USC Saturday night. Tressel better whip the team into a froth this week at practice. If they can capture the focus and intensity of the 4th quarter, then they will have a chance. But if they play like the lost sheep of the first 3 quarters, it could get embarrassing - fast.

Feature running back Beanie Wells is out, so that is a factor. That puts more of the weight on Boeckman's shoulders. Let's see if he has matured in a year. According to Tressel, it will be running back by committee. Hopefully someone stands up to the challenge and has a career day. This is a make or break game for OSU. A loss pretty much guarantee's that they are out of the hunt for the national title.

Dixie vs. Shawnee - A big game for both teams. More of a challenge for Dixie. They beat Fort Loramie last week. It was a big emotional game for the Greyhounds. And sometimes after a big win, a team will relax the next week. Can the coach keep the players focused? Shawnee's program is coming around and they will be up for a division rival. Rain will be a factor. Both teams run the spread offense, and a slick ball could hurt the passing.

South vs. Bethel - South got their first win of the season last week. The Bee's are still searching for a victory. A big game for both teams as it will determine the direction for the remainder of the season. The winner should have a good chance at a winning season.

North vs. Bradford - North is recovering from a shellacking by Covington. Can they beat up on the Railroaders and get back on the winning track?

Miami East vs. Covington - The game of the week in the CCC. This weeks poll says the Vikings are the winners. Covington has homefield advantage. But a rainy day might negate their passing attack and favor the running attack of Miami East. Should be a close, hard fought game. The best defense could be the deciding factor. This is probably the championship game, it's hard to see anyone else knocking off either of these two.

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