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Friday, October 01, 2010

South took one on the chin from Covington. The Buccs scored on their first three possessions in the first quarter as they went on to rout the Panthers. Their offense was crisp and precise with the run. Not so smooth with the pass. Which could hurt them in the playoffs. The Panther offense was able to move the ball at times. But penalties and fumbles ended drives in the first half. The Panthers put it all together in the 3rd quarter and finally found the endzone. The Panthers were without Steve Balthis which hurt them on both sides of the ball. Although I don't see his presence making a difference in the outcome.

The Buccs scored on special teams too. Returning a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns. Without the services of Balthis's toe, the Panthers resorted to a quick kick from a running formation on 4th down. On the other side of the ball, the Buccs seemed to punt OK, but they need someone to kick a bit deeper. The coverage was good on the kickoffs, which made up for the lack of distance on the kickoffs.

On the other hand, I saw that North upset Miami East. I saw their close score earlier in the season against Covington and figured that maybe they played a whale of a game and Covington was looking past them. It looks like North is for real.

So the upcoming North - South game will be interesting. Will North be overconfident after their upset win, maybe let down against South? Will South get Balthis back - he is a big help on both offense and defense.

Oh and speaking of play offs, I can't see any D5 schools in the CCC making it this year. With so many D6 schools in the conference, you can only have 1 loss at most. I don't it happening this season.

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