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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Charlie Coles had a good run at Miami University. In his heyday he had a knack for finding that one blue chip recruit and building a team around him.  Ron Harper and  Wally Szcerbiak spring to mind.  He was almost always in the top half of the MAC. He had a good run. As of late he couldn't seem to land those top recruits and the program slipped. Hats off to a guy who made it to the sweet 16 - lots of college coaches have never sniffed that level of basketball. He will be remembered fondly by Miami Un. fans.

Watched UD play Iowa tonight. I don't think that the Flyers heart was really in the game.  Iowa played a 2-3 zone and UD gave up on the inside game and just chucked up 3 pointers.  Iowa seemed to play with intensity and desire, UD seemed to be just mailing it in.  The Iowa post player - can't remember his name, seemed to score and rebound at will.  Can't give up on the inside game and rely on the outside game. For the most part teams that control the paint will win the game.

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