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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

North Wins Nail Biter Over Bradford

Tuesday Bradford Lady Railroaders traveled to Tri-County North for a conference game. With the season winding down, teams are jockeying for position in the league. So this ended up being a hard fought game that was not decided until the last minute of play. The Railroaders stalled at the end and could not finish despite having the lead all through the second half until the last minute.

The Panthers opened a 11-5 lead in the 1st quarter. Bradford was using a zone defense and they were not rebounding well, giving North some 2nd chance shots – and also were giving them open looks. They did not close out well. The coach later shared that the team had been working on zone defense, but when he saw the results, he called it off at the end of the quarter and went back to a man to man defense. This made a huge difference as Bradford quickly made up ground.

Panther Aubrey Stupp lead the 4th quarter surge scoring 9 of her 20 points down the stretch.

Scoring for Bradford: Chelsea Gill 2, Olivia Hart 9, Baily Wysong 2, Mercedes Smith 2, Mandi Bates 16, Brook Fair 5, Ally Booker 4, Bianca Keener 7.

Scoring for North: Harris 2, Stinson 6, Rupp 7, Lipinski 2, Poling 11, Stupp 20.

<< Entire Story viewable at the Greenville Daily Advocate >>

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