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Saturday, August 12, 2017

South Fighting Early Injuries

South went into todays scrimmage with Bethel with around a half-dozen sidelined players.  So young players had to step up and make plays at the varsity level. Bethel took control of the scrimmage early when the teams ran 10 plays apiece.  South had problems giving up big plays to the Bees on defense.  Bethel ran a double wing offense with the triple option.  But they also passed well out of this formation. They did some no huddle and scored 3 times before South managed to punch one in themselves.

South ran a pro set, with 2 backs in the backfield.  Their first few possessions they had problems getting the offense into a flow.  But they finally put together a nice drive and mixed both the run and the pass to score.  South did seem to get better as the scrimmage went on.  Being a young team, it probably took a few series just to get things figured out. When the teams changed up later in the day and ran plays using down and distance, South held their own.  Bethel scored twice and TVS scored twice.  Still overall Bethel outscored South in this scrimmage 6 scores to 3.

Coach Bartlett discussed the team after the scrimmage, "We had a lot of young kids that went out there and learned today. We saw some good things from the kids and at this point in the season, we saw some things we need to work on.  Everything we saw today was correctable. The kids played hard, and some things you can't coach - the boys gave all their effort.  We just have to get rid of those mental mistakes."

He admitted that they have to deal with injuries, "We got bitten by the injury bug early this year. But this is football and guys are going to get injured.  You have to have guys ready to step up. We had some young guys step up today and get their first varsity experience. They are going to grow and they are going to learn."

Next up was discussion about this years personnel, "We have some experienced guys coming back from last year.  Ryan Bassler and Austin Eaton are expected to do a lot for us and provide leadership. We have some strong kids like John Gray on the line back this year, and Wendel Webb.  Of course some younger guys are stepping up.   Josh Wysong is having an impact.  We have the keys; we have the pieces, we just have to figure out this puzzle and get it all together by opening day."

Next week South will scrimmage at Madison in a jamboree game at 7pm on Friday.  They open the regular season Friday, Aug. 25th at home against Dixie.

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