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Friday, August 10, 2018

We Didn't Quit

“We didn’t quit.” This was new Bradford head coach John Cruse’s first comment about the Bradford scrimmage against Trail. But this phrase applies to the football program as a whole when it came close to being brought to halt almost 24 hours before.

Bradford’s football program had gotten off to about as bad a start as a team could in the preseason.  After starting with 22 kids at the beginning of 2-a-days, the team melted away to just 13 players who refused to quit. Then the day before their 2nd scrimmage and just a couple of weeks away from the start of the regular season their head coach resigned....  

In an abbreviated scrimmage, Trail outscored Bradford 1 TD - 0.  Bradford had several good redzone stands that kept Trail out of the endzone most of the evening.

Complete Story at Daily Advocate

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