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Sunday, October 03, 2010

A dominating Tri County North volleyball team made short work of the visiting Ansonia Tigers this week. The hosts did a good job on defense - almost always getting a hand on the ball. And on offense, they set up some nice spikes that the Tigers had a rough time handling. With more experience and a slight advantage on overall team height, the Panthers dispatched the Tigers in three sets.

The young Ansonia team fell behind 7-3 in the first set. A time out was called, then a second one when North doubled up Ansonia 16-8. But when Ansonia tried to rally and mount an attack, North blockers were ready at the net. Ansonia seemed to do well when they had a lot of touches to set up their offense, while North seemed to do better on the attack – punching the ball back over the net. North won the first set 25-16.

In the second set, North took command. During one run, North scored 3 points in a row off of serves. The Tigers took a time out at that point to get organized. That stopped the North run, but not the final outcome. North did falter a little down the stretch. They allowed Ansonia to score 6 unanswered points in a row and made the set interesting 21-15. But North settled down and went to work. Scoring points off of serves and spikes, they shutdown Ansonia and won 25-15.

Finally North went to work for the final set. On the Ansonia side, there were a lot of balls that hit the floor, while North kept the ball in play. This time Ansonia could not muster a rally. They would lose the final set to North 25-9. One good thing about Ansonia was their team spirit. They played hard and celebrated every hard won point. This team should get better as they mature.

“We did a real good and served aggressively”, stated coach Aukerman after the game, “the kids really worked well together. We’ve really been working hard on our serves and serve zones. I think Ansonia got frustrated towards the end of the match, as they struggled because of their errors. I thought our serve reception looked pretty good in this match, which is extremely important for our offense. Megan Johnson, Kelly Schriever, Emily Broughton, and Katie Whitaker have done a good job all year for us with passing the ball in serve reception.”

North won against Bethel on Tuesday – “We had some problems hitting around their block, but I thought my hitters did a good job of adjusting to hit around them. My middles also did a good job of running one balls to freeze their middles, which made things easier on my outsides. I thought Kate Whitaker and Emily Broughton had good serving nights as we scored a lot of our points when they were serving. Megan Johnson had a good night with her hitting as she led us in kills, and my middles ( Carly Schriever and Mallorie Ullery) provided good blocking. “

North had a clean sweep for the week, visiting Brookville for their last victory of the week. “Brookville has a good defensive team, as we had problems with putting the ball down against them. Every kill we recorded, we earned. We caught a break with Brookville's setter being out of the lineup with an injury. They had some nice hitters, especially outside hitter Taylor Woodworth. She used our block several times to get her kills, and seemed to get better as the match progressed, but I thought my players answered the call. Kelly Schriever stepped up big with her serving as she recorded 7 aces. Katie Whitaker had a good defense morning recording 25 digs. Sara Bierly kept the our offense rolling, and she also kept Brookville's defense honest by throwing in several dumps that scored points for us. I thought Megan Johnson and Kelly Schriever did a good job of adjusting their defense to pick up balls hit by Brookville. We defeated Brookville in 3 games 25-19, 25-18, 25-18. “

Bethel Stats:
Bierly 1 ace, 2 digs, 18 assists, 3 kills, 1 block; Kelly Schriever 2 aces, 3 digs, 4 kills; Johnson 2 aces, 2 digs, 7 kills, 1 block; Broughton 1 ace, 1 dig, 2 kills, 1 block; Carly Schriever 2 digs, 5 kills, 4 blocks; Ullery 2 kills, 3 blocks; Whitaker 3 aces, 9 digs.

Ansonia Stats:
Bierly 3 aces, 10 digs, 18 assists, 3 kills; Kelly Schriever 1 ace, 8 digs, 4 kills; Johnson 3 aces, 9 digs, 5 kills; Broughton 1 ace, 7 digs, 2 assists, 2 kills, 2 blocks; Carly Schriever 2 aces, 2 digs, 8 kills, 2 blocks; Ullery 2 digs, 3 kills, 1 block; Whitaker 3 aces, 9 digs; Schoen 1 dig, 1 assist, 2 blocks.

Brookville Stats:
Bierly 1 ace, 7 digs, 22 aces, 6 kills; Kelly Schriever 7 aces, 7 digs, 6 kills; Johnson 15 digs, 6 kills, 2 blocks; Broughton 1 ace, 7 digs, 5 kills; Carly Schriever 9 digs, 2 kills, 1 block; Ullery 4 digs, 5 kills, 3 blocks; Whitaker 2 aces, 25 digs.

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