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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

TVS Ties Botkins

Twin Valley South tied Botkins 2-2 on Tuesday evening.  Jacob Wells scored both of the goals for the Panthers.  Bryant Marker assisted one of the goals. 

Coach Young, "I was very proud the way my kids fought today. We had a 2-0 lead with under 10 minutes to go and we ran out of gas.  I had one starter who was sick and another one that got a concussion early in the first half.  Then I had one of my center backs start cramping. We just didn't have things go right for us today.  My kids did what they were told though and they gave it their all on the field." 

He continued, "It really hurts that we came out with a tie, because it seems like we have a trend of struggling to close out games late.  I thought we controlled the game as well.  Botkins is a good team, but if we were to see them in the tournament, I would be confident with my boys.  It was just unfortunate for us tonight, and we just need to take this and learn from it."

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