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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Blackhawks Over North

In workmanlike fashion the Mississinawa Blackhawks dispatched the Tri-County North Panthers. An opportunistic defense generated points off of turnovers and the offense was able to create scoring opportunities both inside and outside. North had a tough time establishing an offensive rhythm and the Blackhawks were able to make some nice plays in the 2nd half to win going away 59-42.

Mississinawa Valley:Dirmeyer 11, Felter 2, A. Scholl 6, Godfrey 12, Hiestand 2, Dirksen 10, B. Scholl 16.
North: Stinson 20, Rike 3, Royer 6, Eby 7, Pennington 2, McCloud 4.

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